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Cadmium Poisoning – 7 Prosecuted

Almost a year since the Lijiang, the river flowing through the heart of Liuzhou, was polluted with the carcinogenic heavy metal cadmium, seven people have been charged with criminal offences in connection with the incident. At the end of January 2012, during the Spring Festival tons of the toxic waste were tipped into the Longjiang […]

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Piranhas on Probation

Liuzhou’s emergency scheme of offering rewards for the capture of piranha fish in the river has come to an end. The ¥1000 bounty per fish caught has gone unclaimed after three days and they have decided that the intense fishing action is damaging stocks of harmless fish while producing no desired results. Several pounds of […]

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Attack of the Eat People Fish

It’s not just human foreigners who are upsetting the locals with their bad behaviour. Every summer, Liuzhou’s river, the Liujiang becomes a popular place to cool down. Personally, I wouldn’t dip a toe in it. I’ve seen too many dead bodies floating down it. Several rats, a few pigs, one buffalo and two people. Despite […]

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Water Crisis – Friday 3 February Update

There is nothing new to report. Whether this is a good sign or not, I can’t tell. Liuzhou has stopped sending out their text messages, probably as they were becoming the same every day. The international press has been arriving in Liuzhou, usually a sure sign that the story is all but over. They are […]

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People Buying Water – the Movie!

It is out of date, and was out of date when it was broadcast, but here is a video of people buying water. Coming next – watching paint dry.

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Water Crisis – Wednesday 1 February Update

Some one got up early and tested the domestic water supply at 2 am this morning. It seems that the cadmium level of water leaving Liudong water works was less than 0.00060mg / l, while at Liunan water works it was 0.00081mg / l. The permitted maximum is 0.005mg / l. Rumours have been spreading […]

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Water Crisis – Tuesday 31 January Update

The usual text messages sent out this morning showed no change to yesterday’s reported cadmium levels in Liuzhou tap water, which remain at 00060mg/l – well below the maximum safety level of  00060mg/l . In the meantime, it has been reported that “seven chemical plants executives who worked in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, including Jinchengjiang […]

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Water Crisis – Monday 30 January Update

This morning, the Liuzhou emergency information service sent their now at least daily text messages informing citizens that, at 7 am today,  the detected cadmium level of water entering Liuzhou West water processing plant was 0.0022mg/l and, after treatment, water is leaving the plant with a level of

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Water Crisis – Sunday 29 Update

Just after 6 pm today, the Liuzhou authorities sent out the following text message 最新水情:29日12:00时监测数据,柳江露塘断面处镉浓度为0.0044毫克每升, 柳江饮用水源水质符合国家标准(镉

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Water Crisis – Saturday 28 Update

Things seem calmer today. Following on from late last night’s cell phone message from Liuzhou government telling us not to worry, today they started sending out regular updates about cadmium levels in the river.  At 10 am this morning, according to their reports, the level was 0.005mg/l which is the maximum level considered safe. By […]

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