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Water Sports Again

I’m not really sure what to make of this. It may just be an early April Fool’s Joke. Check the proposed date. But then I’ve never understood sport. According to this report, Liuzhou is going to host some sort of competition. The Ironman 70.3 triathlon race will take place on April 1 in Liuzhou, a […]

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Liujiang Poisoned Again

A day before the opening of the now traditional, annual Liuzhou International Water Festival, comes news that the company which dumped cadmium in the river in 2012, leading to a 1 million yuan fine and three managers being imprisoned, have been at it again. It seems Guangxi Jinhe Mining Co Ltd in Hechi to Liuzhou’s […]

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River Inspectors Jailed

Eighteen months since the Liujiang, Liuzhou’s river and main water supply was polluted by the release of highly poisonous cadmium into the Longjiang river, a tributary upstream in Hechi prefecture, three environmental inspectors have been jailed for dereliction of duty and taking bribes, while ten company managers have been sentenced for their part in the scandal. […]

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Cadmium Poisoning – 7 Prosecuted

Almost a year since the Lijiang, the river flowing through the heart of Liuzhou, was polluted with the carcinogenic heavy metal cadmium, seven people have been charged with criminal offences in connection with the incident. At the end of January 2012, during the Spring Festival tons of the toxic waste were tipped into the Longjiang […]

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Officials Punished after Cadmium Pollution

Of course, as soon as I say I will stop posting about cadmium spillages unless something significant happens, something significant happens. It is being reported that today (Friday), that Wu Haique, head of the environmental protection bureau of the city of Hechi has been dismissed along with four other officials from the Hechi municipal and […]

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Cadmium Leak. Cover-up or Conspiracy?

Criticism has been levelled by various people  – mostly in China Daily – about an apparent attempted cover up of the cadmium leak which led to Liuzhou’s drinking water crisis. Questions rightly being asked include “why was it not until Chinese New Year’s Eve (January 22nd) that there was any newspaper report in Liuzhou (and […]

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Water Crisis – Friday 3 February Update

There is nothing new to report. Whether this is a good sign or not, I can’t tell. Liuzhou has stopped sending out their text messages, probably as they were becoming the same every day. The international press has been arriving in Liuzhou, usually a sure sign that the story is all but over. They are […]

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People Buying Water – the Movie!

It is out of date, and was out of date when it was broadcast, but here is a video of people buying water. Coming next – watching paint dry.

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Water Crisis – Thursday 2 February Update

No text messages this morning, but here is a round up of the latest news. Feng Zhennian, deputy director of Guangxi’s environmental protection bureau told a press conference yesterday that  tap water from all four of  Liuzhou’s water treatment plants is safe for drinking. (I guess he means as safe as it ever was – […]

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Water Crisis – Local Authorities Criticised

An usually critical editorial has appeared in China Daily accusing local authorities of withholding information on the cadmium pollution story for several days after the incident occurred. it is legitimate for local residents to question why local authorities withheld information about the pollution for days before telling the public. “Despite the optimism local officials have […]

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