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Liuzhou Airport Timetable

Liuzhou Bailian Airport has released its timetable/flight schedule from now until March 31st, 2019. It includes, as far as I remember for the first time, one international flight – to Cambodia. More flights are available from Nanning and Guilin airports. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is my downloadable translation. Word Document or PDF File. Please […]

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Random Photograph 95 – Snail Travel

Random Picture No. 95 is one in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse, baffle or otherwise interest me. Ever wonder who organised that “Slow Boat To China”? I reckon I’ve found out. The English is a direct translation of the Chinese but ‘snail’ has the same metaphoric connotation in Chinese – slow, […]

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The Welsh are Coming

I read on the British embassy website that the Welsh football team are coming to Nanning this month to thrash the Chinese national team (everyone does, so it’s no major achievement). What concerns me though is that I have some friends in Nanning who are excellent English speakers, unlike the Welsh. My poor friends are […]

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Not The Ticket

I guess it was inevitable. In 2005, this tiny ticket office, more of a ticket kiosk really, opened at the gate of Liuzhou Library on 三中路. For those of us in the north of the city, this was a godsend. No longer did we have to descend into what was, and despite some improvements, remains […]

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Whole Lotta Shakin’

Typical. I leave Guangxi for a few days and the place starts falling apart. I spent last weekend back in my old haunts in Hunan, where I lived 20 years ago. Almost as soon as I crossed the border, Guangxi has an earthquake! The magnitude-5.4 quake, centred on Wuzhou city to the east of Liuzhou, […]

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Liuzhou Seaplane Operator in Fatal Shanghai Crash

The operator of the recently introduced seaplane service here in Liuzhou, Joy Air General, is China’s largest commercial seaplane operator. On Wednesday 20th July, while launching a new service in Shanghai, their Cessna 208B crashed into a bridge while carrying eight guests (local government officials and members of the local press) and two crew. Five […]

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Willow Pattern

A reader sent me an email yesterday, prompting some memories and a connection between Liuzhou and my childhood which I had all but forgotten, but then it has been a long time. My correspondent, noting that Liuzhou means something like “place of the willows”, wanted to know where in town she could buy willow pattern […]

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Fly Me To The River

The locals have gone one step further in their quest to include every possible type of transport in Liuzhou’s traffic scheme. We have had BRT, the so-called “rapid” buses which take as long as regular buses and spend as much time trying to get out of the constant traffic jams. We have had the rather […]

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Liuzhou Railway Station Modernization

Nanning Railway Bureau has announced the commencement of a full-scale rebuilding of Liuzhou’s railway station. The station has been upgraded several times since it first opened in 1939, most recently in 2013. However, with the expansion of both goods and passenger services the station is no longer considered adequate for the needs of its users. […]

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Man Proposes to Woman Shock!

It’s all a bit Mills & Boon, but this  has gone global in the last few days so I’d better mention it. I first read the story back in January when Liuzhou man, Ding Yizhou,  set out with his girlfriend Lai Min to make a trip around China. What was different about this is that Lai […]

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