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Give Me Your Chefs

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” …and your chefs. A mere ten years after it was first proposed, Liuzhou has this month arranged for a local […]

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Piss-up Brewery Failure

The Radisson Blu seems to be determined to demonstrate its inability to organise the proverbial intoxication session is a beer manufacturing facility. Since earlier this year, they have been attempting to arrange a boating trip on the river for expats in Liuzhou. To set the scene somewhat let me repeat what I posted back in May. […]

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Radisson Retractions

I’m baffled – as usual. The often confused Radisson hotel sent me this spam email at 11:52 this morning. They had sent me something about the event earlier, but I deleted it. But I remember thinking at the time that May was a bloody stupid time to arrange anything on the river. It seems they […]

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First French? Non!

I have received some spam email this afternoon regarding a newly opened French restaurant here in Liuzhou. In the attached PDF file they claim to be Liuzhou’s first French restaurant. Excrément du taureau! As the French don’t say. There was an excellent French restaurant on 三中路 fifteen years ago. I proposed to one of my wives […]

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Spam Mooncakes

It’s that time of year again. Or soon will be. Just as Christmas shopping starts earlier and earlier in the west each year, it seems that The Mid Autumn Festival or Moon Festival is going the same way, driven by commercial exploitation. The Festival is on September 19th, this year. Supermarkets stop selling anything sensible and […]

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Batten Down the Hatches!

I’ve spent the day preparing defences. I’m going into siege mode for the weekend. Adequate supplies of food, drink and other requisites have been sequestered away and, in about an hour or two, I shall be firmly locking the doors and hiding (until Tuesday to be on the safe side). This emergency situation arises every year. […]

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Delusional Deli

Some time before Liuzhou’s Radisson Blu hotel opened, it became known that the plans included a deli. I remember a conversation with some other laowai, who were being excited and looking forward to the opening. I remained sceptical. It has now been open a few months and touts itself as the “only deli and bakery […]

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Free Drinks Tonight

Sorry for the extremely short notice, but tonight (January 11th), the Radisson Blu hotel is holding a free promotional evening for their “Expats Night @ 26 Bar”. They intend making this a monthly event with wine, beers, soft drinks etc at 99元 per person (net price – whatever they mean by that). The events will […]

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As I’ve mentioned before Scoozi is the somewhat ridiculous and childish name of the Italian restaurant in the recently opened Radisson Blu hotel (柳州丽笙酒店). They describe it as the “first real western restaurant in Liuzhou” which is patently untrue, but I finally dragged myself off there today to check it out. My favourite eating companion […]

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Blu Imagination

The Radisson Blu Hotel is Liuzhou’s newest upmarket hotel. And a fine place it is, too. With great services at the prices you would expect to pay – i.e. expensive. The hotel website is interesting for its imagination.  I mentioned this before when it announced itself to be one of Liuzhou’s  “most stylishly distinctive dining and […]

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