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September 30th

September 30th – Opening Ceremony for The Annual Water Sports Festival, but given over instead to a pre-National Day propaganda exercise. Then came the fireworks. They used to have firework displays every year at Spring Festival, but the last was in 2008. They stopped them because of pollution dangers, but apparently they don’t matter for […]

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Poisonous Building

A number of businesses in the new Di Wang building, Liuzhou’s tallest, on the north side of Liuzhou People’s Square and next to Bu Bu Gao shopping mall, have evacuated the building today after reports of formaldehyde fumes being blown through the air vents in the building. Some staff have have reported as having headaches […]

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Fantasy Forest

An example of the bullshit which I read about Liuzhou and complained about in my last post has, in recent weeks, been floating turd-like across the media, nearly always in paid for content. In fact, the same story has been appearing and disappearing for years. According to most versions, Italian design firm Stefano Boeri Architetti […]

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Green Grow The Rushes, Oh.

Stefano Boeri is an Italian architect and urban planner on a mission to fight pollution by building high rise buildings covered with plants. The “Bosco Verticale” or “Vertical Forest” in his home city of Milan was one of his first. He has now set his sights on China and plans eventually to green up Shijiazhuang […]

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Hold Your Breath

China Mobile, one of the two large cell phone service providers kindly sends each subscriber a free weather report/forecast which is updated throughout the day. Here is what is showing at the moment. What I particularly would like not to highlight, but feel obliged so to do, is this: Yes, the place is trying to […]

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Fill ‘Er Up

These electric car recharging outlets are popping up across the city. Those pictured here are in the car park of Liuzhou museum. China is strongly committed to electric vehicle development with the government actively supporting moves away from dependency on fossil fuels and the associated pollution. Both Chinese and foreign car manufacturers are developing vehicles […]

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Crayfish Warning

Nanning Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning regarding crayfish aka crawfish, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, mountain lobsters or mudbugs. Whatever you call them, you may want to take heed. They have said that there is a possibility that “eating [crayfish] may lead to rhabdomyolysis”, a muscle disease which, in extreme cases,  can lead to […]

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Bacon War

At this time of year, many Liuzhou residents take up smoking. They smoke home cured bacon, mostly, but also sausages etc. However, not everyone is happy about it. When an elderly couple decided to take advantage of the recent warm weather and smoke themselves some bacon for the winter, neighbours took great exception to the […]

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Butt You Can’t Do That

Liuzhou has introduced a system of fining people who throw cigarette ends from car windows. At ¥200 a hit, they are set to make a fortune. Or they would if the traffic police actually ventured out into the streets a bit more often. It is estimated that 45 billion cigarette ends/butts are improperly disposed of […]

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