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Lost Lobsters and Missing Mussels

For just over a week, Bubugao Hypermarket has been doling out these eight page leaflets promoting what they term a 全球美食节 or “Whole Earth Food Delicacies Festival”. Of course, it’s no such thing. They are just flogging off the stuff they always have anyway. Overpriced crap wine, milk from Germany, overpriced Spanish olive oil, nasty […]

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Around Midnight – Watermelon Moan

It seems the Liuzhou authorities are getting their knickers in a twist again over the highly popular night markets. The media have been full of complaints about “chaos” and dirt. One of the main complaints is the usual one about illegal hawkers and the number of vans blocking roads while selling fruit – mainly watermelons […]

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Restaurant Revenge

You’ve probably read that China is laying claim to islands left, right and centre and generally annoying everyone around them. Here in China, it’s the other guys that who are seen as being annoying – I mean, clearly everything is Chinese. Recently, Vietnam has been the focus of the spitting, foot-stamping and other adolescent temper […]

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Deer Museum?

I’ve mentioned before Liuzhou’s mad drive to have more museums than any other city. See here. But this has truly baffled me. Apologies for the picture quality, but the poster was behind glass and there was strong sunlight. And I didn’t have the right filter with me. Ill try to replace later. It’s in the […]

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Luoziwei Luosifen

“Heaven! I’m in heaven!” Well, reasonably satisfied. This afternoon, I discovered that the empty unit next to Mom’s Pizza, which is only the length of a noodle away from my home, is to open shortly as 螺滋味 螺蛳粉 – Luoziwei Luosifen. They were literally hanging up the sign as I walked past. Although there are […]

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Thai Toss

It may be something to do with the food festival. Or, more likely, to do with the  inability of the local press to differentiate between news and advertising. After all, they are communists, aren’t they? For several days, the press has been full of car sales drives presented as news. The anti-Japan demonstrations didn’t happen. […]

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Boiled Fish

I like a bit of fish now and again. Fried, steamed, baked, roasted, grilled – even raw – I don't mind. But boiled? Doesn't sound very appealing. Though a decent bouillabaisse is good, that is more of a stew then a boil. I was brought up within sight of the sea and so saltwater fish […]

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Premature Ejaculation

There I was trying to think what to eat for dinner tonight and coming up blank. More out of desperation than hope I found myself searching the Internet for Liuzhou restaurants. Most of the results I had written myself; some were for places which closed years ago; and others were for places which I wouldn’t […]

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Here are a selecion of pictures of food as found here in Liuzhou. There are both restaurant dishes and individual ingredients. New pictures are constantly being added, so it’s always worth coming back for another a look if you are interested in what we eat round these parts. If you hover your mouse pointer at […]

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Dancing Pythons

I read that a 38 year old woman, a Ms. Long, is in custody in Liuzhou accused of buying and transporting endangered animals. Although, to be honest, I think we are more endangered. The woman, described as a dancer, checked into a Liuzhou hotel and was found to be sharing her accommodation with three pythons, one of […]

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