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Wooden Characters

Among other calligraphy and scenic paintings in a recent temporary exhibition in Liuzhou Museum were these “found” Chinese characters. They are bits of plant roots – trees, bushes etc. which are thought to resemble characters. The tenuousness of some of these is demonstrated by the the fact that the museum still had to label each […]

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Fill ‘Er Up

These electric car recharging outlets are popping up across the city. Those pictured here are in the car park of Liuzhou museum. China is strongly committed to electric vehicle development with the government actively supporting moves away from dependency on fossil fuels and the associated pollution. Both Chinese and foreign car manufacturers are developing vehicles […]

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Everest Exhibition

Stuck for something to do over the weekend? like photography, mountains or climbing? Liuzhou Museum us holding yet another of its free temporary exhibitions. This time it is a record of China’s 60 years of attempts to conquer what they know as 珠穆朗玛峰, but you possibly know as Mount Everest, which lies on the Tibetan […]

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4th Liuzhou Arts And Crafts Masters’ Exhibition

Stuck for something to do over the weekend? Liuzhou museum is hosting the 4th annual arts and crafts masters’ exhibition until Sunday. And an odd affair it is, too. “Arts and crafts” covers a wide spectrum and this is reflected in the exhibits. Everything from ethnic minority dresses and jewellery, through paintings, lampshades, wooden models […]

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More Miao Embroidery

Well! I didn’t know you were all such embroidery fans. But, in response to my many readers’ requests, here are a bunch more pictures from the Miao embroidery exhibition I mentioned in my last post. There are 33, I think, so loading might be slow. Sorry. Random order. The exhibition has still more, but they […]

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Miao Embroidery Exhibition

Liuzhou Museum is holding yet another of its free temporary exhibitions. This time its an exhibition of embroidery. Now, if you had told me about this I would have responded with a sarcastic “How fascinating!” I’m not the embroidery type. However, I wandered in yesterday (I regularly use the museum’s front and back doors as […]

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Postal Passport Palaver

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the imminent reopening, after several years closure, of Liuzhou’s  postal museum behind the old east gate – 东门. Yesterday, I found myself in the area and dropped by to see if it was open. It was. But not to me. As I attempted to pass through the door, I was stopped by a […]

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Going Postal

I am happy to report that I have learned that the yellow house built in 1903 and owned by Liuzhou post office is to reopen as a postal museum, as it was many years ago. Not that I’m in the least interested in stamps or any other aspect of postal history. I just want to see […]

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Peasant Art

Liuzhou Museum  is having yet another of its temporary exhibitions in the hall  on the first floor dedicated to such events. This time it’s entitled “柳州农民画作品展” which translates as “Liuzhou Peasant Artwork Exhibition”. Perhaps not surprisingly, the paintings feature scenes from daily life including farming, fishing and cooking.  I’m sure the style would be described […]

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Counting Bricks

Liuzhou’s old East Gate (东门) is undergoing one of its periodic ‘refurbishments’. Supposedly from the Ming Dynasty ((1368–1644), in fact, much of it isn’t that ancient, at all. Like so many of China’s cultural icons, including the parts of the Great Wall most people see, it was largely rebuilt in the 1980s. That’s what happens […]

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