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A Trip to the Countryside

Some more old Liuzhou. In the latter stages of the Cultural Revolution, partly to put an end to the in-fighting between different cliques in the Red Army and partly to satisfy Mao’s dream of total equality, nearly all young people of college age were sent off to the countryside to work alongside and learn from […]

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Yellow Houses

China hasn’t always produced ultra-boring residential architecture. Not that much of the old style is left. The anti-Japanese war as they call World War II, cultural revolutions and the insane (and apparently endless) “development” has done away with the past all over China, including Liuzhou. The city was all but destroyed in 1945, and it […]

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Lost Liuzhou 3

In November 1944, the Japanese army, with air force backing, captured Guilin, then headed south towards Liuzhou. They captured Liuzhou on the 10th of November before continuing south to take Nanning two weeks later. Liuzhou was a prize catch for the Japanese as it was home to US 14th Air Force Base. The US troops […]

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Lost Liuzhou 2

Following on from recent changes in Liuzhou, here are some much older memories. In fact, they are so long ago that few people remember them. I certainly don’t remember most. Most of these are scans from old newspapers so the size and quality are not what I would prefer, but it’s amazing we have these […]

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Lost Liuzhou 1

Liuzhou is unrecognisable from what it was ten years ago. 2003 was the year it really began to change. The People’s Square was demolished and rebuilt, work began on the pedestrian street in the city centre, and the building boom really took off. Here are a few pictures of Liuzhou prior to then. Of course, […]

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