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Spring Fever

While I am not complaining about the unusually warm weather we have had over the last week, there is one thing that does concern me. I was walking towards the down town area today when I spotted this lying on the side walk. I picked it up just to be sure. Yes, it’s a flower […]

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-c-c-c cold

While we are finding it difficult to breath, it has been unseasonably warm recently. 24ºC at the moment. However, don’t get too comfortable. If the city’s weather bureau have got it right, and they are much better than in the past, then temperatures are about to plummet next week. They are looking at a “high” […]

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Hold Your Breath

China Mobile, one of the two large cell phone service providers kindly sends each subscriber a free weather report/forecast which is updated throughout the day. Here is what is showing at the moment. What I particularly would like not to highlight, but feel obliged so to do, is this: Yes, the place is trying to […]

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Liuzhou weather forecasting and health authorities have issued warnings regarding the weather over the next few days. They are forecasting a dramatic drop in temperatures in the next day or two. Falls of 10ºC are likely. It will also be wet. Sadly, there are no indications that this will be short lived. It looks like […]

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Today, Liuzhou’s temperature hit 36ºC. I have no idea and even less interest what that is in illogical, antediluvian measuring systems only still used in one backward  country. Most unusual for September, but over the next few days it is going to slide back to a more normal 26ºC.

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Random Photograph No. 90 – Blue Sky

Random Picture No. 90 is one in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse, baffle or otherwise interest me.

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Hot and Wet

What little is still functioning in the bowels of the UK government has managed to excrete this travel warning. Same every year.

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Here We Go Again

I’m sure these images need no comment from me. After days of torrential rain, it is only to be expected. Although I have seen what looks worse in the past, in fact, things are getting worse. They keep raising the flood protection barriers etc, but it’s never effective for long. If they hadn’t raised the […]

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Ne’er Cast a Clout

Till May be out Ne’er cast a clout. The old proverb, still current in Scotland, is almost equally apt here in Liuzhou. After a long warm spell, the temperatures plummeted again on Wednesday, catching many people out. Thursday was even lower. Until recently, I would see people don their winter woolies and thermal underwear on […]

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4 Days, 8 Deaths

Here I go again. I post something like this every year. But it seems to be getting worse instead of better. In the last four days, there have been 106 gas poisoning incidents in Liuzhou, eight of them ending with someone dying. There have been 324 incidents in the last month. Last year (2015) there […]

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