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Random Photograph No. 100 – Keeping Warm

Random Picture No. 100 is one in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse, baffle or otherwise interest me. Keeping Warm – Liuzhou Style, December 2018

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Typhoon Mangkhut – Trains Cancelled

If things go as normal, the fierce tropical storm/typhoon which has so far killed dozens in the Philippines and has now made landfall in Hong Kong and Guangdong, will slow down as it crosses southern China. However, while we usually escape the devastation seen on the coast, it can get a bit rough here, too. […]

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This is ridiculous! I didn’t decide to live in Guangxi to freeze to death! This of you reading this who are currently in Liuzhou will know that yesterday the temperatures plummeted to almost freezing point. They are forecast to stay that way for most of next week before slowly rising to something more sensible. Those […]

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Blue Sky; Bluer Water

Today in my perambulations around the city, I saw something rarely seen in Liuzhou. Yes, astonishingly, that is blue sky behind the Bubugao Tower. I had been in Liuzhou several years before I saw blue sky. In the early 2000s the government moved most of the factories out of the city centre and closed down […]

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Cool It!

The recent spell of hot weather, with temperatures hitting 38.8ºC is due to have a respite. Tonight or tomorrow morning (30th and 31st July), typhoon Begonia is due to make landfall in Fujian province. Although this won’t directly have any bearing on Guangxi, it will lower temperatures across southern China and bring rain to some […]

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Cool Job

I’ve found the perfect new job for these times. Hope they’ll take me on! As Liuzhou’s temperature hits 37ºC /98.6ºF, I could be quite happy to join this chap who is well wrapped up. He is a worker in a Liuzhou refrigeration company and routinely works in temperatures of -18ºC / -0.4ºF. This means there […]

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Spring Fever

While I am not complaining about the unusually warm weather we have had over the last week, there is one thing that does concern me. I was walking towards the down town area today when I spotted this lying on the side walk. I picked it up just to be sure. Yes, it’s a flower […]

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-c-c-c cold

While we are finding it difficult to breath, it has been unseasonably warm recently. 24ºC at the moment. However, don’t get too comfortable. If the city’s weather bureau have got it right, and they are much better than in the past, then temperatures are about to plummet next week. They are looking at a “high” […]

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Hold Your Breath

China Mobile, one of the two large cell phone service providers kindly sends each subscriber a free weather report/forecast which is updated throughout the day. Here is what is showing at the moment. What I particularly would like not to highlight, but feel obliged so to do, is this: Yes, the place is trying to […]

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Liuzhou weather forecasting and health authorities have issued warnings regarding the weather over the next few days. They are forecasting a dramatic drop in temperatures in the next day or two. Falls of 10ºC are likely. It will also be wet. Sadly, there are no indications that this will be short lived. It looks like […]

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