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This is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen. I read about it last night, but decided to sleep on it and see if it went away. Unfortunately it didn’t. American company IdeAttack (stupid name) has unveiled plans for the next instalment in Liuzhou’s descent into madness. If it is to be believed, […]

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Stoned Again (8th Time Around)

Liuzhou government have confirmed that the 8th Fantastic Stone Festival will be held in the city from November 1st to 10th. For more information (and pictures) on Liuzhou’s stone culture, click on the picture above.

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Like a Rolling Stone

No. Not a rock festival! A stone festival! Liuzhou will hold the city’s 7th International Stone Festival in October from the 1st to the 5th. This (approximately) biannual event draws visitors from across China and further afield.  Stone collecting is very popular in Korea which sends a large delegation to each festival. As well as […]

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5th Time Around

Well, I got dragged along to the opening ceremony of the 5th Liuzhou International Fantastic Stone Festival, anyway. I got up early and staggered off to take a bus from the official meeting point in the city centre. The bus then drove straight past my home again and deposited me outside some building on the […]

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Stoned Pigs

Here is a nice picture from the local rag showing the good people of Liuzhou lining up to purchase their pork in the local market. Why do they have this photo? An article about the rising price of pork? It is certainly true that the price has soared. Last year there was an outbreak of […]

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Stoned again!

Thursday was a bit busy. As I mentioned before, Liuzhou is holding the 4th Liuzhou International Fantastic Stone Festival. Most of the local foreigners who could take time off work were rounded up and ordered to appear at the local government’s foreign affairs office at 8.30 am. At around 9.00, armed with special VIP badges, […]

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