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Cardiac Arrest

At the heart of Liuzhou’s most modern general hospital, Liuzhou Peoples’ Hospital, is their computer network system which handles appointments, patients’ medical records, prescription dispensing etc. Most importantly, (from the socialism with Chinese characteristics point of view) was that patients could no longer pay before being attended to. No pay. No doctor. At 5:00 […]

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Not Waving, But Drowning

This evening, Guangxi Early Warning Centre, sent a text message to all cell phones in the area. It reads: 【广西预警中心】炎热暑假,未成年人溺水易发,请您监护好孩子。如您发现有小孩在危险水域游泳、戏水,请主动劝告制止,防止溺水事故发生。 Roughly translated it means In the hot summer vacation, minors are prone to be attracted to water. Please monitor your child. If you find that children are swimming in dangerous waters and or playing in […]

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Poisonous Building

A number of businesses in the new Di Wang building, Liuzhou’s tallest, on the north side of Liuzhou People’s Square and next to Bu Bu Gao shopping mall, have evacuated the building today after reports of formaldehyde fumes being blown through the air vents in the building. Some staff have have reported as having headaches […]

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Flags Up

Every four years,  I get the opportunity to mutter and mumble. But his year, I’m disappointed. For years, during the FIFA World Cup, shops around town have been flying the flags of the various nations participating in the finals. They always got it wrong, flying the flag of the UK, rather than that of England. […]

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Gaokao Games

Yesterday evening, across China, China Mobile sent this message to its subscribers. Basically says that the 2018 dreaded Gaokao (高考) is being held today and tomorrow (June 7th and 8th). They are warning that, In order to curb cheating in this all important exam, exam centres are employing blocking systems which may have repercussions for […]

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Cincinnati – Liuzhou Sister City 30 Year Celebration

Liuzhou has been celebrating 30 years as a “sister-city” to Cincinnati. The very active partnership has long been focused on teacher exchange, library cooperation, parks planning and even chef exchange. In addition to celebrating the past, the two cities signed a memorandum of understanding to extend the partnership over the next ten years. Cincinnati – […]

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Melted Butter

For several decades, this shop has been situated just off Longcheng Road (龙城路), in the city centre. I have certainly been shopping there for over twenty years. Known to most laowai as “the butter shop”, back then it was the only shop in Liuzhou to sell anything vaguely western: cheese, butter, olives, canned tuna, anchovies, […]

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Clinton Beer

Guilin based brewery, Liquan, producers of the most available beer in Guangxi have issued a premium beer to mark 20 years since then President Bill Clinton made a very brief visit to the city. Spent around 5 minutes in Yangshuo. Oddly, on the rear label, is this supposed quote from Clinton (in his hand-writing?) which […]

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Toilet Untroubled

Some in the Bureau of Excretory Affairs obviously reads this blog. Not 24 hours after I posted my last effort about the public loo, this morning I walked past and found a) It has re-opened. b) They have had a second attempt at  spelling TOILET and, this time, got it right. c) Sort of corrected […]

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Toiet Trouble

For as long as I’ve been in Liuzhou, and probably far longer, there has been a public convenience at the northern end of what is now the city centre pedestrian street. Years ago it was a notorious “cottage“, but it was demolished and rebuilt a few years back. Over the last month or so, they […]

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