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New Mayor

Approximately two months after the apparent suicide of the last incumbent, Liuzhou has finally chosen a new mayor. That is, the party has. 吴炜 was “elected” yesterday after what appeared to be bit of struggle. with four vice-mayors having resigned and one suspended for a suspected  inappropriate relationship with a married woman other than his […]

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Mayoral Muddle

Shenanigans are afoot in the search for a new city mayor after the apparent suicide of the last one back in November 2015. It has been reported that four vice-mayors have “resigned” and one is under investigation by the party discipline committee for being involved with “a married women”, presumably not his own wife. Swearing-in […]

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Mayor – Lack of Openness Criticised

Although Liuzhou’s media remain silent on every aspect of the death of the city’s mayor last week, the national press have taken to their pens to criticise the lack of information being issued. They point out that the Liuzhou public are unsure if the death was an accident, suicide (to avoid corruption charges or for […]

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Mayor Rumour Denied

One of the more persistent rumours going around Liuzhou is that Mayor Xiao who drowned on Wednesday was under investigation by Guangxi Commission for Discipline Inspection. This is effectively the anti-corruption wing of the communist party. The Commission has issued a statement saying that no reports have been received regarding the mayor, nor was there any investigation […]

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Mayoral Mystery

The drowning of Liuzhou’s mayor on Wednesday evening has taken on an even more mysterious air. The city is awash with rumours which I am not going to repeat. You can probably guess. The local news media are reacting in their usual manner by totally ignoring the news. There was, I’m told, a brief mention on […]

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Liuzhou Mayor Drowns

Liuzhou police have announced that the body of the city mayor, 肖文荪 , was found in the Liujiang River late last night. He was confirmed dead at Liuzhou People’s Hospital. Local media say that the mayor, age 51, apparently fell into the river at 21:47 after climbing a fence on the riverside walk near Hudong bridge. A […]

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