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Danwei Model Worker 2012

Top China media watchers, Beijng based Danwei, have today published their latest list of “best specialist websites, blogs and online sources of information about China.”  In the section “REGIONAL BLOGS AND LIFE IN CHINA”, they have been rash enough to again include this blog, for which I am truly thankful. It is not false modesty […]

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We’re Beautiful (Number Nine, Number Nine…)

The China Institute of City Competitiveness (CICC) is a Hong Kong based organisation which seems to spend its time making up lists of cities in various categories, documenting their ranking in various league tables. The 22 categories include “China’s Most Competitive Cities“, “China’s Most Innovative Cities“, “China’s Most Happy Cities“, “China’s Most Livable Cities” etc. […]

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become fanny seemingly

I am delighted, if somewhat astonished to learn that Liuzhou Government’s website has won 3rd prize for its Chinglish English section. In celebration, they have gaily decorated the site with this utterly meaningless banner. If Liuzhou won 3rd prize, I really want to look at the competition. It would be a major, verging on the […]

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China Mobile De-Laurelled

China Mobile, twice awarded Liuzhou Laurels for their excellent service, have now had them ignominiously withdrawn and their miserable company demoted to only slightly better than the Railway Station, which is hell on earth. So, you ask, what have they done to deserve this fall from grace? First, they decided that when you call me, […]

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Liuzhou Laurels 2006

It’s that time of year again! The votes are in and counted; the nominees are huddled in nervous anticipation. Will they be praised, humiliated or, even worse, totally ignored. The wait is over. Here we go. As ever, the Liuzhou Laowai Laurels are awarded to Liuzhou organisations or businesses (or Liuzhou branches of national concerns) […]

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Lavatorial Laurels

I have been mildly chastised and my credentials have been questioned in a comment on my previous entry on the Liuzhou Laurels. Was I remiss in not including a Best/Worst Toilet category? So it may seem. However, there was a good reason for this! In an effort to win the coveted prize, LZ local government […]

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Liuzhou Laurels

The votes are in and counted! The star-packed gala awards ceremony has not been arranged. It's time for the Laowai Laurels 2005! Laowai Laurels are awarded to Liuzhou organisations (or LZ branches of national organisations) who have provided outstanding service over the past 12 months, as voted for by the ever growing laowai community. Either […]

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