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Baisha Bridge Update

Here is a short video of crossing the new Baisha Bridge at night. (YouTube, so VPN necessary.

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Baisha Bridge Opens

Today, the city’s 20th road bridge across the river opened. 白纱大桥 (White Sand Bridge) connects the northern side of east Liuzhou with its counterpart in the centre. The bridge features a mid-section loop which is being represented as Liuzhou’s gateway. Anyway, some pictures.

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Old Liuzhou in Pictures No. 3

On the night of November 8th, 1944, the Hunan-Guangxi Railway Administration ordered that the railway bridge over the Liujiang be destroyed to prevent its use by the approaching Japanese army. The iron bridge was blown up into several sections. The bridge was rebuilt in the 1950s and is still in use.

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(Almost) Forgotten Liuzhou Lives No. 1

Born in 1912 in Guangdong and a graduate of an art school, 符少孟 made his way to Liuzhou sometime during the Sino-Japanese war / WW2  and settled here. He eventually found work in Liuzhou museums department. In 1963, he designed and built a 4.2 metre high statue of Liu San Jie, which stood in Yufeng Park, […]

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Liuzhou Bridges – Slight Update

I do intend continuing the series on Liuzhou Bridges which I started almost two years ago. Maybe next month. In the meantime, I came across this. Someone is selling these Liuzhou Bridge prepaid postcards on Ebay. I had no idea that they existed, but then I rarely use post offices. They are selling at USD $3.50 […]

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Liuzhou Bridges 9 – Shuangchong Bridge

Now that the weather is being nicer I am resuming this series. Shaungchong Bridge, built between 2002 and 2004,  claims to be Liuzhou’s longest at 4,088 metres, although the river span is about the same as other bridges. The approach roads make up more than half. It is also probably Liuzhou dullest bridge. Strictly utilitarian, […]

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Liuzhou Bridges 8 – Hedong Bridge

North of the Hudong Bridge (downstream) is the similarly  (to non-Chinese ears)  named  Hedong Bridge (河东大桥), or in the slightly more prosaic English, “River East Bridge”. This was the second road bridge to be built so, is referred to by the locals and the bus company as No.2 bridge. The 776.6 metre bridge opened in […]

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Liuzhou Bridges 7 – Huxi Bridge

Directly across the peninsula from Hudong Bridge is its sister bridge, Huxi Bridge (壶西大桥) or “west of the pot bridge”, pot being the city centre peninsular area. Built in 1994, this 700 metre long bridge is somewhat utilitarian in design. It is often referred to as No 4 bridge by locals. The bridge again links […]

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Liuzhou Bridges 6 – Hudong Bridge

North (downstream) of Wenchang Bridge there is a small island in the river. This is 萝卜洲 or Radish Island, presumably  so-named for its shape which roughly resembles that of a Chinese white radish or daikon. Beyond it lies our next bridge of the series – Hudong Bridge (壶东大桥). Hudong means “east of the pot” , the […]

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Liuzhou Bridges 5 – Hongguang Bridge

Hongguang Bridge (红光大桥) lies upstream from Liujiang Bridge, halfway to the railway bridge. Work started on the bridge at the end of September 2002 and it opened to traffic on August 8th, 2004. It is just over 1 kilometre long (1040m). This is one bridge that really made a noticeable difference; prior to its opening, […]

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