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writing abiolities

Anyone who runs a blog or website, and I do both gets all sorts of garbage in the email. Askimet, the anti-spam organisation catches most, but occasionally a few get through. Most are just annoying or boring, but occasionally one amuses me. They still get deleted though. This one, received today,  amused me for its […]

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Top Visits

Here, for anyone interested is a list of the most visited pages on this blog (other than the home page) since it was moved to this server in 2011. So, it doesn’t include visits from Dec 2004 – Sept 2011. Hence I haven’t given the visit count figures. The only difference I think including them […]

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Internet Inactivity

I don’t know what’s going on, but today my internet connection has been abysmally slow. It went pear shaped around noon and has been shit ever since. It was intermittently bad over the weekend, but today it has been next to useless. And I have work to do. Never mind, China Telecom are still able […]

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Vegetarian Coincidence?

The post which plagiarized mine has been reviewed by the site owner and deleted. The “author” has been banned from that site. I have therefore deleted this post and accompanying comments. I am grateful to all who gave their support, opinion and feedback – and to the site owner who did the right thing. I will always […]

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Holiday Drill

New Year’s Day is an official holiday in China. One day. But, as always, the locals find ways to extend it and convince themselves they have three days off, so they are also taking the 2nd off work, but will have to work Sunday to “make up”, a favourite phrase of theirs. (The third “day […]

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Woolly Hats

Some odd things pop up on the internet. Today I bring you Liuzhou woolly hats or beanies. Just on time for winter. These items are on sale on Ebay for a cool $18.99 a piece. Here and here. Whatever next? No. I won’t be wearing one.

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Danwei Model Workers 2014

This blog is proud, delighted and honoured to be once again included in Danwei’s list of “the best websites, blogs, Twitter feeds and podcasts on China”.  The awards started in 2005 and Liuzhou Laowai has been listed every time. The only site missing is Danwei itself. Beijing based and now owned by the Financial Times […]

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Liuzhou Internet Screwed Again

I don’t know what they are up to, but the internet from China Telecom is screwed up again. At 14:27 today, service died completely for 13 minutes then was restored for a few seconds and then fully restored a couple of minutes later. At 15:27 (coincidence?) it died again, this time for about 5 minutes. […]

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Liuzhou Mislays Internet

Large parts of Liuzhou were without internet access for seven hours  today (Sunday  20th July). Service stopped at 6:55 am and remained off until just after 2 pm. I know this because I was working on something when it went off, much to my annoyance and muttering at the wall when it came back on. […]

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Some Places are Slower?

I read on the Wall Street Journal’s website that India has the slowest internet in Asia. What does it do – go backwards? I don’t know where or how these people do their research, but I’m struggling to understand how any internet connection could get slower than Liuzhou’s over the last few days. Sluggish would […]

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