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Absent Without Leaving

I want to say thank you to all those who have contacted me recently regarding my absence, or near absence from blogging here. There are a few reasons for this. Number one is that, for the last few months, I have been in less-than-perfect health. This cumulated in a lengthy hospital stay in June, hence […]

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Liuzhou’s Latest Lei Feng?

One of the more amusing pastimes to follow in China is watching car drivers attempt to reverse their vehicles. They haven’t a clue. Every car park is equipped with attendants to relieve the drivers of a couple of yuan and to guide them into or out of their parking spaces. Few of the attendants can […]

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Liuzhou “Bird Flu” Victim

“The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) today (December 1) received notification of an additional human case of avian influenza A(H5N6) in Guangxi from the National Health and Family Planning Commission, and again urged the public to maintain strict personal, food and environmental hygiene both locally and during travel.” The […]

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Liuzhou weather forecasting and health authorities have issued warnings regarding the weather over the next few days. They are forecasting a dramatic drop in temperatures in the next day or two. Falls of 10ºC are likely. It will also be wet. Sadly, there are no indications that this will be short lived. It looks like […]

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Crayfish Warning

Nanning Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning regarding crayfish aka crawfish, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, mountain lobsters or mudbugs. Whatever you call them, you may want to take heed. They have said that there is a possibility that “eating [crayfish] may lead to rhabdomyolysis”, a muscle disease which, in extreme cases,  can lead to […]

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4 Days, 8 Deaths

Here I go again. I post something like this every year. But it seems to be getting worse instead of better. In the last four days, there have been 106 gas poisoning incidents in Liuzhou, eight of them ending with someone dying. There have been 324 incidents in the last month. Last year (2015) there […]

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Beijing Tong Ren Tang

I’ve been asked a couple of times this week about the new restaurant opening near the corner of  广场路 and 解放北路 north of the museum. Beijing Tongren Tang. Two problems. a) It isn’t ready to open. (They have just started advertising for staff.) b) It isn’t a restaurant. So forget the Beijing duck. Beijing Tongren Tang […]

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Viagra Baijiu

I thought I was feeling a bit friskier than usual. It has come to light that  Liuzhou Food and Drug Administration and local police are investigating claims that two local distilling companies, Gaikun (桂坤) and Deshun (德顺), have been adding Viagra to their 白酒, the local gut rot of choice. The brands involved are 金锅功夫酒, 瑶健酒 and 柳霸神养生酒, […]

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Emergency Passage

Liuzhou City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (柳州市中医院) is on North Jiefang Road (解放北路), opposite Liuzhou Museum. Despite the name, it actually practices both Chinese and, to a lesser extent western medicine. It is now the only general hospital in the city centre and is a busy place. The sidewalk outside the hospital is a bit of […]

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It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas.

I know I’m getting repetitive in my old age, but this is important. Since January, Liuzhou has seen 412 cases of gas poisoning and 15 deaths.  All when showering. This will slow down now that it is getting warmer, but … If you want to stay alive, only use gas water heaters in well ventilated […]

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