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Long Lunch at the Dragon Pool

Like so many things, it came out of the blue. I was kind of aware that there was a Chinese holiday this week, but being self-semi-employed I am often a man of leisure and the holidays make little impact on my life. This one is in celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 and although […]

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Crayfish Warning

Nanning Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning regarding crayfish aka crawfish, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, mountain lobsters or mudbugs. Whatever you call them, you may want to take heed. They have said that there is a possibility that “eating [crayfish] may lead to rhabdomyolysis”, a muscle disease which, in extreme cases,  can lead to […]

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Whole Lotta Shakin’

Typical. I leave Guangxi for a few days and the place starts falling apart. I spent last weekend back in my old haunts in Hunan, where I lived 20 years ago. Almost as soon as I crossed the border, Guangxi has an earthquake! The magnitude-5.4 quake, centred on Wuzhou city to the east of Liuzhou, […]

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Liuzhou Infant Milk Scare?

Western media is reporting that a new China “fake milk and baby health scare” is being discussed on Chinese social sites such as WeChat and Weibo. This time the attention is on Liuzhou. According to the reports, a number of nurseries in Liuzhou have been sourcing milk products from “an unlicensed ‘dairy’” which supplied the […]

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Hot and Wet

What little is still functioning in the bowels of the UK government has managed to excrete this travel warning. Same every year.

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Guangxi Goes Global – Again

GX Airlines (北部湾航空) is a relatively new operation (started February 2015) with flights from Nanning to various Chinese cities. They have now announced that they are about to launch international services. In June, they plan to inaugurate flights to Cambodia and Vietnam. Specific destinations are expected to be Hanoi, Danang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh […]

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Imaginary Snow

For two days, I’ve been besieged by people telling me it is snowing in Liuzhou city, Nanning, Guangzhou etc. Just to clarify things “NO IT ISN’T!” What they are seeing is, in fact,  ice, frost and soft hail (technically, “graupel” – Chinese – 霰) Few locals have ever seen snow, so they misidentify everything white […]

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Guangxi Foreign Affairs Festive Fail

Late this evening, I received this bizarre invitation for a terrific way to spend Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day. They didn’t even bother to translate it into English. This is my colleague’s translation. Guangxi administration of foreign experts affairs will hold a meeting about giving suggestions for the development of Guangxi on Dec […]

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Are you feeling at all short-changed with your portion of Liuzhou’s signature dish, 螺蛳粉 Luosifen? Missing some depth of flavour? It could be that the purveyor, instead of using regular river snails to make the soup base, is using these recently discovered snails. The shell measures a mere 0.86 millimetres, making it the world’s smallest land snail. (There […]

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Hard Rain

It seems to be a statutory requirement that, during the rainy season which hits every May or June,  the local media should carry a picture of some sort of vehicle driving through mild flooding in 广雅路, which is to the west of the BuBuGao side of Liuzhou People’s Square. This time we get a no. […]

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