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Wet News

It has been an odd week in Liuzhou news. Here are a few of the highlights. In fact, only two are wet. 1. An 80+ year old man wet his pants while waiting for service in a Liuzhou bank. Yes, this made the local newspapers and prompted the editor into sending an unpaid slave intern […]

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Public Transit City

China loves to give cities awards, for which they compete. Hours and fortunes are spent on this nonsense; school children are taken out of classes to take part in mind-numbing activities to promote efforts for whatever prize they are chasing. We get propaganda signs everywhere urging us to be clean so that we can be […]

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More Bikes

Liuzhou is to expand its public bike rental scheme. 203 more bike stations will be installed around the city and 4,500 extra bikes made available. This will be implemented by June. The scheme, which started in September 2013 with 50 stations and 1,300 bicycles, was slow to start but seems more used now. At least when […]

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Broken Bikes

Within two months of the scheme being launched, Liuzhou’s green bike rental system has run into problems. A large number of the bicycles are broken. It seems the locals aren’t taking care of the things. An average of 60 a day are damaged enough to need maintenance. Typical. It’s not their bike so why bother? […]

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Power on Bikes or Powerbikes?

Contrary to my observation and reports that no one seems to be using the green rental bikes Liuzhou has provided, the streets yesterday were mobbed by people using the things. All was not, however, what it seemed. Some of those people look surprisingly familiar. The whole thing was a stunt to publicise the bikes. They had […]

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Rent a Bike (Liuzhou Style)

I’ve got a bike. You can ride it if you like. It’s got a basket, a bell that rings, and things to make it look good. I’d give it to you if I could, but I borrowed it  – Syd Barrett Liuzhou is to introduce a bike rental system. 1,300 bicycles (pushbikes, as opposed to […]

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