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Random Photograph No. 89 – June 2016

Random Picture No. 89 is one in a series of pictures, taken in Liuzhou, which amuse, baffle or otherwise interest me.

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Here We Go Again

I’m sure these images need no comment from me. After days of torrential rain, it is only to be expected. Although I have seen what looks worse in the past, in fact, things are getting worse. They keep raising the flood protection barriers etc, but it’s never effective for long. If they hadn’t raised the […]

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Fly Me To The River

The locals have gone one step further in their quest to include every possible type of transport in Liuzhou’s traffic scheme. We have had BRT, the so-called “rapid” buses which take as long as regular buses and spend as much time trying to get out of the constant traffic jams. We have had the rather […]

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Piss-up Brewery Failure

The Radisson Blu seems to be determined to demonstrate its inability to organise the proverbial intoxication session is a beer manufacturing facility. Since earlier this year, they have been attempting to arrange a boating trip on the river for expats in Liuzhou. To set the scene somewhat let me repeat what I posted back in May. […]

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Rain Fun

We sure are having fun here in sunny Liuzhou.

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Radisson Retractions

I’m baffled – as usual. The often confused Radisson hotel sent me this spam email at 11:52 this morning. They had sent me something about the event earlier, but I deleted it. But I remember thinking at the time that May was a bloody stupid time to arrange anything on the river. It seems they […]

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Weeping for Willows

The first Chinese character in Liuzhou’s name (柳州) has the literal meaning “willow”. You can see the tree radical (木) on the left of the character. This appears in many tree names. The second character (州) refers to an ancient administrative division, similar to the modern ‘prefecture’. So you could roughly translate Liuzhou as “Willow […]

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The more attentive people in Liuzhou this week may have noticed a certain amount of precipitation. Of course. It’s a holiday. It has to rain! I’ve been photographing and generally documenting Liuzhou’s floods for around 17 years. Some of that work can be seen here. I even got involved with a Guardian story on the […]

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It got a bit wet last night.  I don’t mean it was just raining. This was real rain. No pussyfooting about deciding whether to rain or not. Not a bit damp. Not shall I take my umbrella? Your umbrella would have done no good. This was a truly torrential tropical rainstorm battering the city from […]

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Fire and Water

It’s been a bit quiet round here. In the sense of not much happening. It’s never quiet in the sense of no noise. The last three to four weeks has seen utterly miserable weather – the worst being on Tuesday this week. So, apart from brief raids on the supermarket for essential sustenance, I have been […]

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