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Old Liuzhou in Pictures No. 5

When it was built in 1956, Liuzhou Fire Station was by far the tallest building in the city. Originally, the tower was 36 metres tall, but was extended to 42 metres in 1982. As the tallest building, it was used to overlook the city and hopefully spot any fires, so enabling a quick response. Of […]

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Old Liuzhou in Pictures No. 4

In the autumn of 1928, a fire broke out in Liuzhou destroying two thirds of the city. Over 200 people were killed and hundreds injured. Over 2,000 homes were destroyed and the disaster is said to have affected 20, 000 people. This is referred to in Chinese as the “1928年柳州著名的  “火烧半边城” 事件” (The 1928 Liuzhou […]

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Come On Baby, Fight My Fire

For reasons they will probably regret, Liuzhou’s finest fire fighters have taken to posing for beefcake shots. No rationale has been provided. Now, I don’t know about you, but should I ever have need for fire fighters coming round waving their hoses, I prefer them to be more sensibly dressed. In fact, just dressed would […]

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No Fires!

Today is one of my favourite days of the year. Everyone else (almost) stays home and I get Liuzhou (almost) all to myself. The second day of the Chinese New Year. Yesterday was quite busy down town. The parks and squares were packed, but, this morning, I went for a long walk and town was […]

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Bacon War

At this time of year, many Liuzhou residents take up smoking. They smoke home cured bacon, mostly, but also sausages etc. However, not everyone is happy about it. When an elderly couple decided to take advantage of the recent warm weather and smoke themselves some bacon for the winter, neighbours took great exception to the […]

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

At 9 pm on Saturday night (June 21st), a fire broke out in this building in Liuzhou’s city centre Five Star pedestrian area and was the most exciting thing to happen there since a tree fell over in a storm in 1952. The building, which contains karaoke bars and restaurants was successfully evacuated and the […]

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Banger Bans

Liuzhou Fire Department has kindly announced that fireworks, firecrackers or bangers, those essential accoutrements of the Spring Festival which is less than a week away, will be officially on sale in certain licensed venues in tents throughout the city, as of tomorrow. (It is worth point out that 99.99% of these fireworks are noisy bangers, […]

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Fire Drill

Back in the dark ages, when I was in high school, there were regular fire drills – usually once per term. They were not announced in advance so we never knew if they were real or not till it was all over. The point of the exercise was to get all the pupils out of […]

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Failing to Fly

Once again, Liuzhou has opened a building at the last minute to host an important event. We had the horticulture expo where they were still sticking the carpets (and VIP guests) to floors on the opening day; we had the barely finished expo centre for the ASEAN car expo a couple of weeks ago and […]

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Bus Bunkum

I am not a cynical type of person. Well, yes I am. So I don't believe a word of what I have just read. According to local news sources, at 5 pm yesterday, a Liuzhou No. 57 bus spontaneously ignited. That wouldn't surprise me. The report continues by informing me that, due to the prompt […]

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