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Update Update

Tiangong-1 entered the atmosphere at 8:15 this morning and, although most of it was burned up on re-entry, some wreckage did land in the Southern Pacific, NW of Tahiti. So it’s safe to go out again, but keep your eyes on that launch site in Sichuan.

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Falling Objects Update

It appears the bus is late. The South Korea’s National Space Situational Awareness Organisation has said that it is due to enter the upper atmosphere between 4:00 am and 12 noon on Monday. The debris from the abandoned eight-tonne craft could land anywhere between the latitudes of 43º north and 43º south – from New […]

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Beware of Falling Objects

The world is watching for signs of being hit on the head by the out of control Chinese space station, Tiangong 1 due to crash land somewhere on our planet this weekend. From what I’ve read, scientists are unsure how much of the thing will burn up on re-entry and no one knows where any […]

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Liuzhou’s Latest Lei Feng?

One of the more amusing pastimes to follow in China is watching car drivers attempt to reverse their vehicles. They haven’t a clue. Every car park is equipped with attendants to relieve the drivers of a couple of yuan and to guide them into or out of their parking spaces. Few of the attendants can […]

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Bank and Bouncy Castle Time

It appears that Liuzhou’s jumpers may have found a new venue for their stunts. For the second time in the past year, someone was apparently threatening to jump from a fifth floor window in the ridiculously large Agricultural Bank HQ on San Zhong Lu (三中路). When I went out this morning at 11 am, there […]

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WC Window Wonder

In a wonderful and astonishingly original slant on Liuzhou’s ancient tradition of falling down holes, one young lad made the stupendous decision to leap out of the window of a Liuzhou public lavatory – from the Ladies Room. It seems the poor chap, a 21 year vocational student, accidentally entered the wrong section of the […]

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Up You Come

The ancient and noble Liuzhou art of falling down holes has once again been resumed. At around 10:40 am on Wednesday. A 69 year old woman named Wei (韦) fell into an uncovered manhole on a pedestrian footpath. The local constabulary pulled her out of the one metre deep hole which was apparently intended to […]

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Acidic Hole?

I am delighted to be able to report that the ancient, noble Liuzhou sport of falling down holes is not dead. It’s been a while, but… It seems that a Mr Zhu, a waste recycler originally from Hunan, decided to certify his Liuzhou credentials by falling into a hole. He was with his brother, looking […]

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Man Doesn’t Fall Down Hole

I saw this a few days back, was briefly amused, but preoccupied with other things so I didn’t mention it. It’s the sort of thing that can happen to anyone. But the story has been taken up by foreign media, so I guess I should mention it. You know how it is. You go out […]

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Sidewalk Collapse

Yesterday morning, an approximately 6 square metre section of sidewalk collapsed leaving a 20 cm deep pit. No one was injured in the incident, which took place on 解放北路 outside Lianhua Century Mart near the Liuzhou City Chinese Traditional Medicine hospital. Local authorities have been quoted as blaming the recent rains as the cause of […]

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