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Guangxi Birthday

One advantage of living in Guangxi, is that we get more holidays than most of China. In addition to the national statutory holidays, we also get a holiday for 三月三, the region’s ethnic minorities’ biggest festival, held on the 3rd day of the 3rd month by the traditional lunar-solar calendar. This year they have managed […]

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Hucking Fell!

Twenty years ago, I was living in west Hunan province. A very nice place. On day, shortly after I arrived, one young man asked me in English. “How to you like Fulan?” I hadn’t a clue what he was talking about and mumbled some pathetic response. Later, I discovered that what he had asked was […]

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Ducking Out Of Poverty

Rongshui Miao Autonomous County of Liuzhou lies to the north of the city proper. It is a mountainous area populated largely by the Miao people, but also has other ethnic minorities.. Most people there are subsidence farmers and there is  a great deal of poverty. In order to relieve this, in recent times fifteen duck […]

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4th Liuzhou Arts And Crafts Masters’ Exhibition

Stuck for something to do over the weekend? Liuzhou museum is hosting the 4th annual arts and crafts masters’ exhibition until Sunday. And an odd affair it is, too. “Arts and crafts” covers a wide spectrum and this is reflected in the exhibits. Everything from ethnic minority dresses and jewellery, through paintings, lampshades, wooden models […]

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More Miao Embroidery

Well! I didn’t know you were all such embroidery fans. But, in response to my many readers’ requests, here are a bunch more pictures from the Miao embroidery exhibition I mentioned in my last post. There are 33, I think, so loading might be slow. Sorry. Random order. The exhibition has still more, but they […]

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Miao Embroidery Exhibition

Liuzhou Museum is holding yet another of its free temporary exhibitions. This time its an exhibition of embroidery. Now, if you had told me about this I would have responded with a sarcastic “How fascinating!” I’m not the embroidery type. However, I wandered in yesterday (I regularly use the museum’s front and back doors as […]

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