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60 Years of Drunken Karaoke?

I have mentioned before that I have the misfortune to live near to Liuzhou No 3 Middle School. They are the major polluters round here – noise pollution. Not the pupils, who are pretty well-behaved, but the drunks who are meant to teach them.  Here is what I said last year. Yesterday afternoon they started […]

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Global Garbage

Many years ago, I lived in Xi’an, Tang dynasty capital of China, now most famous for being home to the Terracotta Warriors. I loved the city, but it was time to move on. After a lengthy spell in the beautiful west of Hunan, I ended up in Liuzhou. One day, early on, I was standing […]

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Cézanne’s Cell Phone

Yesterday, I was chatting with a bunch of local college students and we somehow got onto the topic of western art and the insanely high prices paid for some paintings. They were particularly interested to know what is the most expensive painting. I was able not only to tell them, but to show them. I […]

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Waiting for the Trains

I guess most people know, and all sensible guide books on China certainly mention it, that it is strongly recommended that people avoid train travel in the Spring Festival (especially in the few days before Chinese New Year’s Day) and at other public holidays such as May Day or October’s National Day. Less well known […]

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Free Museums

Officially Liuzhou has around 30 museums. These range from the main Liuzhou Museum on the Peoples’ Square to tiny displays in private homes.  There are 14 state controlled museums and another 16 ‘private’ museums. They cheat slightly by counting the Art Gallery of Liuzhou museum as a separate museum from the museum it is situated […]

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Happy Sad

I can’t decide whether to be happily relaxed or grumpy in extremis. Let’s get rid of grumpy first. They are playing their idiotic calendar rearranging game again, conning people into thinking they have holidays which they don’t have. Wednesday is a public holiday to commemorate some drunk who fell out of a boat and drowned […]

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