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writing abiolities

Anyone who runs a blog or website, and I do both gets all sorts of garbage in the email. Askimet, the anti-spam organisation catches most, but occasionally a few get through. Most are just annoying or boring, but occasionally one amuses me. They still get deleted though. This one, received today,  amused me for its […]

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Copyright Theft Punished

In an extraordinary move, for the first time ever, Liuzhou Intermediate People’s Court has found for a plaintiff in a copyright theft case. Liang Weibin, an amateur but enthusiastic photographer from Liuzhou, sued a local media company when they used four of his pictures without permission or compensation. He was awarded ¥2,800 and the offending […]

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Foreign Competitors Sexually Assault Liuzhou Girl

I am so tired of the endless stream of selfish, immature, racist, moronic foreigners who turn up to take part in the water festival events and shit all over Liuzhou and its people. Four French men were arrested at 4 pm on September 30th for touching up a girl in the pedestrian street near McDonalds. […]

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Lamborghini Loser

I’ve been confused all day. This morning I took myself for a stroll and, not far from home, came across this. I mean, seriously, what kind of dickhead buys a Lamborghini in Liuzhou? Then drives it along the sidewalk at five miles an hour? You may be tempted to answer, “One with money.” Wrong. He […]

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No 3 Drunks

Today, I’m at home. Working at home, trying to deal with some theological and vinicultural issues. Someone has to do it. But I’m only trying, because I largely gave up. I can’t concentrate. There comes a time when battling against the odds just doesn’t add up. As I’ve mentioned before, I have the miserable misfortune […]

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Blog Review 2013

I don’t know if anyone other than me is interested but here are a few stats on this blog for 2013. There were 197 new posts. I make that an average close to one every two days (1.85 for the purists). The most popular posts were 1)  A Bite of China (posted June, 2012) 2) […]

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Another Dick

Is this the Year of the Dickhead and no one told me? I’ve been getting emails for the last few days from some foreigner who arrived in Liuzhou two weeks ago and who is announcing to me that in that time he has tried everything Liuzhou’s gastronomic suppliers can offer and wants to know “… […]

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In the nine years since I started this blog or the twelve since I started the website, out of the thousands of visitors, I’ve never had one really bad comment or message. Quite the reverse. I don’t mean that everyone has agreed with me. That doesn’t bother me. Everyone has stated their opinion and (perhaps) […]

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