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Fruity Update

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Copyright Theft Punished

In an extraordinary move, for the first time ever, Liuzhou Intermediate People’s Court has found for a plaintiff in a copyright theft case. Liang Weibin, an amateur but enthusiastic photographer from Liuzhou, sued a local media company when they used four of his pictures without permission or compensation. He was awarded ¥2,800 and the offending […]

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Motorcycle Crackdown

The above was a display which sat for a long time in what is now the lower stretch of Liuzhou city centre’s main pedestrian street (about opposite where the Starbucks is now). Clearly, it is a motorcycle road safety warning. Of course, it did nothing. Motorcycles remain utterly dangerous. Nearly every accident I have ever […]

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Handstand Rabbit and Other News

Some of the more bizarre Liuzhou news items from yesterday: a) Handstand Rabbit This rabbit is in Liuzhou’s rancid excuse for a zoo. It is apparently suffering from some congenital disorder, as it only moves around by walking on its front legs. Of course this is being promoted as an ‘attraction’. Actually, it turns out […]

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Fish Wars?

At 7 .00 yesterday morning, a Mr Long of Shatang Town just to the north of Liuzhou city headed out to feed the fish on his fish farm, which he has run for twenty years. These are mainly young grass carp, with some bullhead carp etc. Local standbys. To his horror he found that each […]

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Smugglers and Traffickers

Police across Guangxi are said to be stepping up their anti-smuggling activities.  A number of Chinese citizens have recently crossed illegally into Vietnam by land and sea to engage in “smuggling drugs, trafficking wild animals, including pangolins and rhino horns, or precious woods to seek huge profits”, according to a spokesperson for the  Guangxi Frontier […]

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Liuzhou Calls Interpol

Way back in early June I wrote about the scandal looming over Liuzhou company, Liuzhou Zhengling Group Company Ltd (柳州正菱集团有限公司) and its chairman, 廖荣纳, allegedly Liuzhou’s richest man and one of the richest in China, who is suspected of raising billions of yuan illegally. Now it seems that Mr Liao has fled the country, along […]

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Guangxi Cop Executed

A Guangxi policeman has been executed for shooting and killing a pregnant noodle seller while he was drunk. Hu Ping, formerly of the public security bureau of Pingnan county, shot the woman and her husband in October of last year. The husband suffered minor injuries but his wife and unborn child were killed. Hu was […]

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Beware of Beards

These crude, racist anti-terrorism posters have appeared in town. They show stereotypical images of wild-eyed, bushy-bearded males in the role of the terrorists – as they all surely are. There have never been any clean-shaven terrorists or female terrorists. And of course, they are too stupid to think of disguising themselves as non-terrorists by having […]

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Terror Toys

In their latest display of cunning plans to prevent terrorism and mayhem on the pedestrian street in Liuzhou city centre, local police have bought themselves some very silly new toys. The electric self-balancing playground equipment will be used to save the poor cops’ shoe leather on daily patrols in the pedestrian area and on Longcheng Road. […]

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