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Definitely Maybe

Two weeks after stressing that the murder of Liuzhou planning director, He Bin was “definitely” the result of a robbery gone wrong and that rumours of any connection between the arrested suspect, Luo Haomin and He were false, it is now emerging that the suspicions of net users that there was more to the story than […]

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Leveson in Liuzhou?

A Liuzhou man, named only as Mr Hong, has been arrested on suspicion of illegal access to citizens’ personal information. The self-styled “Mad Detective” started his detection activities as a hobby, using his computer to track personal information and is reported to be obsessed by detective stories. After successfully tracking down a missing debtor and […]

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Liu Wa – Shock News

A disgraceful scandal has been uncovered. 柳娃 liǔ wá, the symbol / mascot of last year’s Liuzhou Horticultural Expo and later incongruously recycled to welcome in the Year of the Dragon, may not be all she appears. Is she a fake? A mere copy? Is she as innocent as she looks? Or has she been […]

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Punished Pirates

Liuzhou’s local press is running a story about the city’s first “crime of copyright infringement” case. A husband and wife have been sentenced to prison terms of 3 and 1½ years (both suspended, meaning they are free as long as they don’t get caught again). What I am wondering is why were they “caught” in […]

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Your money or your life!

The one sight that constantly reminds me that the whole idea of Chinese socialism is a complete lie is the local hospital. Before being seen at all, the patient or the patient’s family have to come up with some cash. Each stage of the diagnosis requires a trip to the cashiers – need an X-Ray? […]

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I’m a bureau chief!

There is hardly a day goes by without some jackass communist party leader (or his son) applying a bit of practical Marxism and equal opportunities by beating the crap out of some powerless prole, while yelling “I'm an important official! I can do what I like!” Yesterday, it was Liuzhou's turn to display theirs.   Zhou Yongshen, […]

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Filthy Scum

The world's most disgusting government is being warmly welcomed to visit Guangxi. According to People's Daily, Burmese “State Peace and Development Council” (i.e the military junta) Vice-Chairman Maung Aye has been enjoying a holiday an official visit  to China. I read that “Myanmar and China share a long history of friendship which is increasingly cemented” […]

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Ho He Hao Ha Ha

I have to point you in the direction of this story from essential reading site, Danwei. It has nothing at all to do with Liuzhou. In fact, it could hardly be much further away. But it had me crying with laughter. Some bright spark conned the government of Inner Mongolia's capital city, Hohhot into blowing […]

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Cops Bust Themselves?

I wasn’t going to mention this as it seemed too much of a non-story. But, it has taken a surprising twist. A few days ago this Liuzhou story popped up on a French website. Someone spotted this new nightclub, called with stunning originality, the Shangri-La,  which was covered in the usual congratulatory new business opening  […]

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Seeing Red

The tasteless drunks who attempt to run Liuzhou are going flat out for the total insanity record! The have proudly announced that the two roads going through the city's People's Square are being paved with red asphalt to make them “more attractive” and “conducive to the operation of vehicles”. The morons haven't asked themselves why […]

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