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BBG Rip-off

 I have recently developed a liking for these snack things. Perfect with a beer or six. They come in all sorts of weird flavours. – spicy shrimp flavour, tomato flavour, pizza flavour, salad flavour, butter flavour and matcha flavour. They even have strawberry flavour and blueberry flavour. The company website also claims to have spicy […]

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Steel Stealing

Liuzhou Iron and Steel (Group) Company, 柳州钢铁(集团)公司,  usually abbreviated to 柳钢, is the city’s largest employer (after the government) and largest polluter. The massive factory lies on the northern outskirts of the city. It is, of course, state-owned  and is one of the largest iron and steel companies in southern China, and the only one […]

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Liuzhou Calls Interpol

Way back in early June I wrote about the scandal looming over Liuzhou company, Liuzhou Zhengling Group Company Ltd (柳州正菱集团有限公司) and its chairman, 廖荣纳, allegedly Liuzhou’s richest man and one of the richest in China, who is suspected of raising billions of yuan illegally. Now it seems that Mr Liao has fled the country, along […]

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Liao’s Liuzhou Loans

A storm has been building up over the last few weeks concerning a Liuzhou company. Liuzhou Zhengling Group Company Ltd (柳州正菱集团有限公司), head-quartered in (柳邕路) Liuyong Road, is part of Liuzhou’s automotive industry and manufactures heavy vehicles, concrete mixer trucks, automobile parts machine tools etc. Like many of these large companies, they have also speculated and […]

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Venice Sunk

I’ve been out of town for a couple of days. As I returned early yesterday evening. I passed a building on Yuejin Road (跃进路) which I’d often wondered about.  A huge luxury clubhouse, known as the Venice International Club (威尼斯国际会所). What made me pay special attention to it yesterday was that it wasn’t there. Or […]

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Liuzhou Corruption Scandal

It has been announced that Liang Jingli (梁景理), 59-year-old Chairman and Party Secretary of Guangxi Liuzhou Iron & Steel (Group) Co. (广西柳州钢铁 (集团) 公司) is under investigation by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s Department of Discipline Inspection and Supervision, the Communist Party’s internal discipline body, for what has been described as a “grave discipline violation”, usually […]

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A woman named Sun has been charged ¥1,000 for a scalpel which was required for an operation on her hand at Liuzhou Workers’ Hospital, one of the city’s top three hospitals. The woman went to to have surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome on her hand. She paid 5,000 yuan (£500 – $820) for the surgery but […]

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When I’m 64

Once again, China demonstrates its endless capacity for doublethink by celebrating its 64th birthday while simultaneously reminding everyone that it is at least 6,000 years old. Frankly I’m getting bored with their national day celebrations. For the government it’s an unconvincing propaganda exercise, but for most people it is quite simply a greed feast, as […]

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Taxi Cheats

Twice today I have taken taxis in Liuzhou and the drivers tried to stiff me. I saw this coming. The idiocy of running two pricing systems simultaneously has led some to attempt to cheat the gullible – and what could be more gullible than a foreigner? It’s quite simple. If the base fare is 3元, then […]

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‘Orrible Oysters

There are few things I like better than half a dozen immaculately fresh oysters (生蚝) shucked in front of me and served raw with a Guinness or a glass of champagne (or both). Make that a dozen. I never eat them raw in China. For a start, restaurants don’t serve them raw and would have […]

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