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Friday Food No. 170 – Brake Root Vermicelli

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This week, broken black noodles. I mentioned brake (and fiddleheads) back in Friday Food 95. Now we have a by-product, brake root vermicelli or 蕨根粉丝. The starchy root of the plant is the main […]

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I’m Amazed #1

Liuzhou Hotel, the government owned place which unsurprisingly has five stars (the government award the stars) have published the menu for their Christmas dinner in the “western” restaurant, Prince. Of course, they have no idea about western food and serve everything at random. Last time I was there, my soup turned up after dessert and […]

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The End of Chinglish?

Guangxi’ government has launched a drive to correct all the ridiculously badly translated signs in public places. Of course, Liuzhou has been roped in. A campaign has started in the local rag inviting residents to report any examples they notice. This has had a mixed result. Some perfectly correct English has been denounced for being […]

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Muddled Box

As everyone knows, we are short of noodle shops in Liuzhou, so there will be great joy at the news that the latest addition to the city’s culinary delights is this place which has just opened in the pedestrian street area. However, it is somewhat confusing, if not confused. According to the leaflets they were […]

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Heavenly Food

I don’t often post such things, but this did amuse me at dinner last night. Apologies for the picture quality. The restaurant lighting was as bad as their translations.

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England Time Bread

I’m willing to bet that this about-to-open shop in Liuzhou bears no resemblance to its Chinglish name, England Time Bread (英伦时光面包). In fact, I hope so. If I were to open a shop featuring English bread and coffee, I’d keep very quiet about it. French bread and coffee – OK. Italian bread and coffee – […]

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Those who know me well know that I am always up for a bit of classy literature and the occasional poem or two. And I am well able to discern ‘found poetry’ when I find it. I was having a bit of a discussion with a dear and knowledgeable friend when I went off on […]

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Liuzhou’s China Daily Fail

For reasons only known to themselves, China Daily has decided to open a special, English language, Liuzhou section on its website. This features sub-sections on Liuzhou news, Liuzhou and ASEAN, investment, interviews, culture, travel, photos and specials. I would love to tell you what ‘specials’ are but the link only goes to a headline about […]

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How to avoid arrest and talk great Inglish

China kindly publishes English language newspapers to help us idiots to understand what'shappening. Occassionally they get the English rite. Not oftun. China Daily usually gets the Englis vaguely write, but is so dull that dead men die again. There is nothing there I want to read. If you want a list of the drunks who […]

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Take me on a trip 2

Around 23,000 km in less than two weeks. By car, bus, train, boat and plane. I’m exhausted but back in sunny Liuzhou safely. I left on the Friday evening for the overnight bus to Shenzhen on the border with Hong Kong, nipped across, scuttled down to Kowloon and jumped on the Star Ferry to the […]

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