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Open Windows

Astonishingly perhaps, most of China’s computer infrastructure is still running Windows XP, nearly 5 years after all support from Microsoft ended, rendering it more and more open to attack. The above picture was taken in a Liuzhou branch of the Bank of China, just days ago. Most ATMs are still using XP as are many […]

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Bank and Bouncy Castle Time

It appears that Liuzhou’s jumpers may have found a new venue for their stunts. For the second time in the past year, someone was apparently threatening to jump from a fifth floor window in the ridiculously large Agricultural Bank HQ on San Zhong Lu (三中路). When I went out this morning at 11 am, there […]

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Space Money

The Bank of China is to issue a special 100元 note and a 1元 coin. These will be available in ICBC banks on December 14-16th, but don’t expect to get one. Collectors and investors have already reserved them and they will not enter regular circulation. As with previous special edition notes, they will disappear into […]

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Wet News

It has been an odd week in Liuzhou news. Here are a few of the highlights. In fact, only two are wet. 1. An 80+ year old man wet his pants while waiting for service in a Liuzhou bank. Yes, this made the local newspapers and prompted the editor into sending an unpaid slave intern […]

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Liao’s Liuzhou Loans

A storm has been building up over the last few weeks concerning a Liuzhou company. Liuzhou Zhengling Group Company Ltd (柳州正菱集团有限公司), head-quartered in (柳邕路) Liuyong Road, is part of Liuzhou’s automotive industry and manufactures heavy vehicles, concrete mixer trucks, automobile parts machine tools etc. Like many of these large companies, they have also speculated and […]

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I must have walked past it a million times, but it never really registered before. This sign hangs on the wall of a Bank of Communications ATM hall at the northern end of the main city centre pedestrian street. As you can see it offers ‘barrier-free’ access to its cash dispensers. Sadly, to even get […]

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Bank Robbery

Yesterday morning at 10:40, some clearly desperate fool attempted to hold up a Liuzhou bank with a knife. The man demanded a mere 10 million yuan. After a twenty minute stand-off the man decided to cancel his withdrawal request and was taken into custody. At approximately the same time, I was in another Liuzhou bank, […]

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Pick a card

Not that long ago, in China, people were paid in cash – most people still are, if they get paid at all. I remember I had to carry the loot to the bank, spend half a day trying to deposit it, then at least two days trying to withdraw it again. Then they got ATMs […]

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Dropping Guard

Short of cash? Extravagent lifestyle to support? Just plain greedy? One way to get rich quick is bank robbery. And we are here to help you out. If you have been in China, you will have seen armoured cars picking up the days takings. These are always accompanied by armed guards. Well, guards carrying guns.It […]

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Missing Mao

Today, one month before the start of the Olympics, the People's Bank of China have launched a special 10 Yuan note. This features Beijing's “Bird's Nest” stadium on one side and ancient Greek statue, “The Discus Thrower” on the other. What is most surprising is that, for the first time, the ancient Chinese statue, Chairman […]

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