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Liuzhou Times

China’s “Global Times” claims to be an English language tabloid newspaper of sorts. It fact, it is an often hysterical mouthpiece of the Chinese communist party. When not denouncing all things not Chinese and red, it runs photos of scantily clad young women displaying their communist assets. Alongside stupid, unbelievable stories of unlikely heroes of […]

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Liuzhou Seaplane Operator in Fatal Shanghai Crash

The operator of the recently introduced seaplane service here in Liuzhou, Joy Air General, is China’s largest commercial seaplane operator. On Wednesday 20th July, while launching a new service in Shanghai, their Cessna 208B crashed into a bridge while carrying eight guests (local government officials and members of the local press) and two crew. Five […]

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Hot and Wet

What little is still functioning in the bowels of the UK government has managed to excrete this travel warning. Same every year.

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Space Money

The Bank of China is to issue a special 100元 note and a 1元 coin. These will be available in ICBC banks on December 14-16th, but don’t expect to get one. Collectors and investors have already reserved them and they will not enter regular circulation. As with previous special edition notes, they will disappear into […]

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Patriotic Heads

The recent craze in China to decorate your head with representations of various plants has taken a nationalistic leap. To celebrate the founding of the People’s Republic 66 years ago today, people are taking seven days off and sticking Chinese flags in their hair instead of the usual flowers, chilli peppers and mushrooms. The 40 […]

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2015 China Public Holiday Schedule

Infograph via Lost Laowai In addition to the above, Guangxi may again have April 20th and 21st as a public holiday in recognition of San Yue San, a minorities’ festival. This was introduced last year, but it has not yet been confirmed if it will be repeated.

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Holiday Drill

New Year’s Day is an official holiday in China. One day. But, as always, the locals find ways to extend it and convince themselves they have three days off, so they are also taking the 2nd off work, but will have to work Sunday to “make up”, a favourite phrase of theirs. (The third “day […]

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China Bans Christmas – The Egg Protest

‘Well, not exactly. All the shops were decorated and blaring out Christmas music yesterday. A lot of shop and restaurant staff were wearing red Santa costumes, etc. Reports have been published saying that Christmas celebrations were banned in one college belonging to 西北大学 (North-western University) in Xi’an and Wenzhou city’s education authority proclaimed that “No […]

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November 11th. In my mind it is inextricably linked to poppies and remembrance. As you probably know, World War One officially ended at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 and the approximately 10,000,000 dead are remembered in the UK each year at the precise minute of the anniversary. The […]

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Have a Cigar!

China’s President Xi Jingping meets a communist for the first time in his life. “Who the fuck are you?” says Castro.

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