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Kindergarten Cretins

It has been reported that Chinese censors have issued orders preventing reporting or commenting on reports of the recent child abuse scandal in Beijing. The story which broke a few days ago alleged that RYB (Red Yellow Blue) New World Kindergarten in Xintiandi, in eastern Beijing had been drugging children and forcing them to stand […]

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Banned Bear – Winnie Not Welcome

The idiots in charge of China’s internet censorship have just made themselves look even more childish and stupid than usual. They have banned Winnie the Pooh! All mention of Winnie is being scrubbed from websites and social media even as I write this. What has poor Winnie done to deserve this? It seems to go […]

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Murderous Mugs

BuBuGao, the Hunanese* supermarket chain which has the customer-less shopping mall on the north side of Liuzhou’s People’s Square, is apparently marking the 50th anniversary of the start of Mao’s cultural revolution in which millions were tortured, murdered or driven to suicide, by selling commemorative mugs. The enamel mugs (as would have been available in […]

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Liuzhou Explosions Updates

UPDATE 1 Another report suggests that a shopping mall, a prison, a county government office, a supermarket, a transport station, a hospital, a staff dormitory of animal husbandry, a vegetable market, and a disease control center were hit. It is being suggested, but not confirmed that the incidents were in Liucheng county to the north of […]

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Holiday Drill

New Year’s Day is an official holiday in China. One day. But, as always, the locals find ways to extend it and convince themselves they have three days off, so they are also taking the 2nd off work, but will have to work Sunday to “make up”, a favourite phrase of theirs. (The third “day […]

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“Dial a Tart” for Sale

The sad losers who search this site in vain looking for Liuzhou prostitutes are still showing up on a daily basis. And now the local media seem to be coming to their help – or perhaps not. This morning,, Chinese search engine Baidu includes this item in its news results for 柳州. It is a link […]

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Traffickers Trafficked

Two men suspected of sex trafficking have been extradited from Liuzhou to Taiwan. The men named only as 蔡 and 詹 were arrested a month ago. They are accused of luring women from the Guangxi countryside with fake promises of jobs in Taiwan. Of course, when they arrived they had to enter into false “marriages” supposedly […]

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18th Nervous Breakdown

It comes as no surprise, but the internet has ground to a near halt ahead of the CPC’s (Communist Party of China) 18th National Congress due to start on Thursday next week (8th November). This once in a decade meeting to rubber stamp whatever has already been decided will determine the new leadership and the […]

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Internet Breakdown was tested first in Guangxi

It seems that we were used as a test bed last week. Whatever caused the internet meltdown in Guangxi at the end of last week (reported here) is now happening across China, but everything is fine here. Whatever they were doing, we were done first. The interruption lasted three days here, so if you are […]

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China Pulling Plug on Internet?

Since yesterday evening, most (but not all) non-Chinese sites, including this one, have been unavailable here in Liuzhou and in many other parts of China, other than by using Great Firewall of China vaulting systems such as VPNs. Normally available sites such as the BBC, Hotmail, etc are now unavilable. Reports have been received from […]

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