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Liuzhou Bus Fire

At 6:20 pm yesterday evening (Friday November 21, 2014), a moving No 9 BRT bus caught fire on Pingshan Avenue. Of the 40-50 passengers on board at the time, 18 were injured and hospitalised. Six have since been discharged, but ten are said to be in serious condition, three of whom are said to be […]

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Easy Rider

Let me introduce Wei Guirong, 66 from Liuzhou. As part of his familial duties he is required to deliver his two grandchildren to kindergarten and return them home in the evening. In order to make this task easier he has acquired a motor vehicle. However, instead of joining the millions of other citizens intent on […]

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Public Transit City

China loves to give cities awards, for which they compete. Hours and fortunes are spent on this nonsense; school children are taken out of classes to take part in mind-numbing activities to promote efforts for whatever prize they are chasing. We get propaganda signs everywhere urging us to be clean so that we can be […]

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Local media are reporting that a passenger (probably fictitious) on Liuzhou’s much derided BRT or so-called ‘rapid’ bus system was surprised to find the bus providing free wireless high speed internet access via China Mobile 4G. It is said that the system was being tested on one bus before being rolled out to the entire […]

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River Bus Tests Map

Liuzhou’s new river bus service is due to open tomorrow morning at 7 am.  All week they have been testing the buses (and presumably testing that the drivers know where they are going, etc.) At the same time, they have released a map showing the nine* ‘bus stops’ involved. *No, I can’t make them add up to […]

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Water Buses

Following on from the recently introduced (and much derided) Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system and the green bicycle rental scheme Liuzhou has come up with another way to keep us moving. The city is to introduce a “water bus” scheme at the end of March. These will operate between Baisha Jetty (白沙泵站) and Guangya Bridge […]

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Hanging Around

It seems I’m not the only one having visions. The most recent meeting of the Liuzhou branch of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) has just ended. This body has no real power, other than to rubber stamp decisions already made by the party, but does have the right to make suggestions. One delegate has […]

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Many local state and private companies and organisations such as hospitals or schools run their own buses for the convenience of their staff. Naturally, they like to use these vehicles to promote themselves, so bus decorators do their thing and produce appropriate signs, logos, pictures etc. The name of the organisation features prominently, of course. […]

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Updates – BRT Complaints and That Ticket Office

A mere four days in service and already the public are getting restless. Complaints about the BRT service are rolling in. People are unhappy with long waits between buses, overcrowding, stale air in the air-conditioning system, confused ticket rules etc. Hengda Bus Company Director of BRT service has said that these are mere teething problems […]

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BRT Opening Ceremony

Today I did something downright weird. The first phase of Liuzhou’s new BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) system opened for business this morning. And, of course, it being China, an opening ceremony was required. I disguised myself as the sort of person who uses public transport and joined in. For random reasons, this ceremony took place […]

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