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Peasant Art

Liuzhou Museum  is having yet another of its temporary exhibitions in the hall  on the first floor dedicated to such events. This time it’s entitled “柳州农民画作品展” which translates as “Liuzhou Peasant Artwork Exhibition”. Perhaps not surprisingly, the paintings feature scenes from daily life including farming, fishing and cooking.  I’m sure the style would be described […]

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Modern Art

Liuzhou Museum is yet again holding one of its temporary exhibitions in the dedicated temporary exhibition hall on the first (ground) floor. This time it’s a collection of modern paintings by local artists. Well worth a look, I’d say. Here is a selection. There are many more. Some are recognisably Liuzhou settings; others less so. […]

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May Art

Liuzhou museum is having one of its occasional short exhibitions, this time of landscape paintings. If this is of any interest to you, and it is to me, then go along before May 10th (closed Mondays). Admission free. On the first floor to the left of the front entrance.

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Dong Art

Liuzhou museum on the People’s Square is having another of its occasional temporary exhibitions. This time it is featuring artworks by artists from the Dong ethnic minority, the majority of whom live in Sanjiang county in the north of Liuzhou Prefecture. The exhibition is on the first floor of the museum and entrance is free. […]

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Cézanne’s Cell Phone

Yesterday, I was chatting with a bunch of local college students and we somehow got onto the topic of western art and the insanely high prices paid for some paintings. They were particularly interested to know what is the most expensive painting. I was able not only to tell them, but to show them. I […]

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Cartoon Liuzhou

I bought this a couple of days ago and forgot about it. Found it in my camera bag this morning when looking for something else. It is a book called 漫画柳州 (which means ‘Cartoon Liuzhou’) by 曾广健. And it’s what it says on the cover. Liuzhou in cartoons. It ranges through Liuzhou life and culture – […]

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Nuo Opera

I wish to state for the record that I can’t stand Chinese opera of any description – Beijing, Shanghai, Cantonese etc – they all sound horrific to me. It isn’t that I dislike atonal singing or playing. I happily listen to all sorts of music which makes my friends’ ears bleed and has them screaming […]

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Shadow Art

Shadow puppetry in China dates back to the Han dynasty (approximately around the time of Christ) and remains a popular art form. I’ve mentioned before Liuzhou Museum’s occasional, free, short term exhibitions which are held in the temporary exhibit hall on the first (ground) floor. These tend to be displays of local artists’ work, photography, calligraphy […]

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You have to feel sorry for her. On Sunday, Li Guizhao (李桂昭) from Tangtou village in Lijiang County of Liuzhou, celebrated her 110th birthday with a banquet, along with five generations of her family. She has  survived over a century of China’s troubled history –  born in 1904 into Qing Dynasty China,  just after the […]

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Liuzhou Laowai in Berlin with Ai Weiwei

I pop up in the most unexpected places, constantly surprising myself. Back in 2008, this picture, which I took in Shatang village just to the north of the city, was used (with permission) on the publicity material for the PhD Symposium of the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center. Now, the notorious picture of a fake coffee […]

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