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Revolutionary Printers

I’ve long been curious about this building at 50 Zhongshan Dong Lu (中山东路). I knew what it was, but wondered why it had been abandoned for years. There was a sign on the wall indicating that it had once been home to Liuzhou Lianhua printing works, but nothing else. It looked like it was kept […]

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Liuzhou Times

China’s “Global Times” claims to be an English language tabloid newspaper of sorts. It fact, it is an often hysterical mouthpiece of the Chinese communist party. When not denouncing all things not Chinese and red, it runs photos of scantily clad young women displaying their communist assets. Alongside stupid, unbelievable stories of unlikely heroes of […]

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If The Old Doesn’t Go

There is a Chinese idiom 旧的不去,新的不来 which can be translated as “If the old doesn’t go, the new can’t come.” Yesterday, Liuzhou announced the results of its elections for the new city leaders. Chances are you didn’t know there was an election. Few people ever do. The party just vote for themselves. The People’s Republic […]

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4th Liuzhou Arts And Crafts Masters’ Exhibition

Stuck for something to do over the weekend? Liuzhou museum is hosting the 4th annual arts and crafts masters’ exhibition until Sunday. And an odd affair it is, too. “Arts and crafts” covers a wide spectrum and this is reflected in the exhibits. Everything from ethnic minority dresses and jewellery, through paintings, lampshades, wooden models […]

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Going Postal

I am happy to report that I have learned that the yellow house built in 1903 and owned by Liuzhou post office is to reopen as a postal museum, as it was many years ago. Not that I’m in the least interested in stamps or any other aspect of postal history. I just want to see […]

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Museum Miracle

Liuzhou museum is well worth a visit. Nothing is usefully labelled in anything other than Chinese, but there are cool things to look at. Take a translator. Also check out the ‘occasional exhibit’ gallery on the first floor. Some good temporary exhibitions. Don’t do what some muppet on Trip Advisor did and cruelly dismiss the […]

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Liuzhou or Liucheng?

There has been a lot of confusion about where the explosions yesterday actually occurred. Initial reports placed them in Liuzhou city. More recent reports have them in Liucheng county to the north of Liuzhou. The UK’s Daily telegraph managed to illustrate their story with a December 2013 picture of the opening ceremony for Guangya Bridge […]

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Remembering the Past and Building a Peace

Liuzhou museum is holding a temporary exhibition of photographs and calligraphy from around 1944-1945 as part of China’s marking of what they call “The Chinese war of resistance against Japanese aggression and the victory of the world anti-fascist war seventieth anniversary”. They exhibit, which is on the first floor, covers the evacuation of the city […]

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Thirteen Trees

Liuzhou is very much a tree city. Trees are everywhere. I have a second home in the countryside north of the city, in the middle of a forestry park. Lucky ole me! But even in the city centre where I am usually to be found, there are trees aplenty. Now, I am no arboreal expert […]

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We Are Clean!

According to a report issued by the China Institute of City Competitiveness, whatever that is, Liuzhou is the third cleanest city on the Chinese mainland and sixth when the SARs and Taiwan are included. The top ten cleanest cities in China are deemed to be Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Xiamen, Dalian, Liuzhou, Fuzhou, Wuxi, Binzhou and Shaoxin. […]

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