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LuoSiFen Museum Humbug

This saddens me beyond words. Xinhua, China’s official news agency has announced the opening of a Luosifen (螺蛳粉) Museum last weekend. In the last couple of years around thirty “museums” chronicling everything from a Deer Museum to a Tooth Paste Museum have popped up. These inevitably turn out to merely promotional outlets for some Liuzhou […]

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Top Visits

Here, for anyone interested is a list of the most visited pages on this blog (other than the home page) since it was moved to this server in 2011. So, it doesn’t include visits from Dec 2004 – Sept 2011. Hence I haven’t given the visit count figures. The only difference I think including them […]

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Another Bite of China

Fans of China Central Television (CCTV)’s outstanding A Bite of China (舌尖上的中国) will be interested to know that the second series has been officially released on DVD. It is still in Chinese only. The release consists of two sets of four DVDs priced at 62元 each from Xinhua book store (on the pedestrian street, opposite […]

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A Bite of China Cookbooks

I recently picked up two books of recipes from the Bite of China television series. The first  was published in August 2013 and is by Chen Zhitian (陈志田). It is only available in Chinese (so far). There are a number of books related to the television series but this is the only one which seems to be […]

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Dinner is Served – Bite of China 2

I announced way back in December that the second series of the stunning ‘A Bite of China’ would be broadcast by CCTV over the Spring Festival. That is what they said. It didn’t happen. I don’t know why. However, the first episode, ‘Steps’ was finally broadcast on Friday night (18th April) and it was as good […]

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A Bite of China 2

China Central Television (CCTV) has announced that it will be airing the new, 7 part, A Bite of China Series 2 (舌尖上的中国2) nationally during the upcoming Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) which begins on January 31st, 2014. Titles of the episodes are Seasons, Steps, Heart, Family Life, Secrets, Meetings, and Three Meals. For fans of […]

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A Bite of China – Series 2

China Central Television have announced that a second series of the hugely popular A Bite of China (舌尖上的中国) is in production and will be broadcast in early 2014. In the meantime all seven episodes of the first series is available to watch with English, French or Spanish narration, here.

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Friday Food 36 – Bamboo Shoots (A Bite of Liuzhou)

Friday food is a weekly article about one of the more unusual food items to be found in Liuzhou that week. This time round it’s bamboo shoots. Most bamboo shoots (竹笋) found in the west are canned or bottled, but Liuzhou is famous for its fresh bamboo shoots. So much so that it was featured […]

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A Bite of China

Over the last few weeks, Chinese television has broken with tradition and accidentally broadcast  something actually worth watching. 舌尖上的中国 or ‘A Bite of China’ is a seven part series of spectacular food porn and has been hugely successful. Episode 1 even includes Liuzhou and 螺蛳粉, along with some other local dishes! Rather childishly, some Nanning […]

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