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Breast Enhancement Death

A Liuzhou woman has died after complications arose during breast “enhancement” surgery. The woman, only named as Li, was undergoing the surgery at Jinyin Aimili Medical Beauty Clinic when a serious health issue arose and she was transferred to Liuzhou City Chinese Medicine Hospital and later transferred to what reports are calling “Liuzhou Central Hospital” […]

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Open Windows

Astonishingly perhaps, most of China’s computer infrastructure is still running Windows XP, nearly 5 years after all support from Microsoft ended, rendering it more and more open to attack. The above picture was taken in a Liuzhou branch of the Bank of China, just days ago. Most ATMs are still using XP as are many […]

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Spam, Spam, Spam

I have changed the comments policy here following a change in the spam monitoring service provided by Askimet, WordPress’s spam protection service. Whereas I previously saw very little spam in the comments, in the last two days, I have had literally thousands of spam comments to clear out. Both from here and from my email […]

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Happy New Year 2019

A new year in my favourite city – and we get another one on February 5th. A Year of the Pig. Hopefully not a pig of a year.

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