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Guangxi Birthday

One advantage of living in Guangxi, is that we get more holidays than most of China. In addition to the national statutory holidays, we also get a holiday for 三月三, the region’s ethnic minorities’ biggest festival, held on the 3rd day of the 3rd month by the traditional lunar-solar calendar.

This year they have managed to throw in a further two day holiday, today and tomorrow, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Guangxi becoming an “autonomous region”

Banners like the one above have popped up all over town. It reads Anghoc Gvanngjsih Bouxceungh Swcigih Laebbaenz 60 Hopbi in the Zhuang language and 热烈庆祝广西壮族自治区成立60周年 in Chinese which means “Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region”.

But what does it mean? In practice, very little. There is no real autonomy anywhere in China. The party controls everything. The only real difference is that the Governor of Guangxi is always a member of the Zhuang ethnic minority, but as that title is largely symbolic and the real leader is the Party Secretary who is always Han, nothing really changes.

Of course, they roll out the ‘one China’ propaganda, too.

Chinese Peoples One Family Together Build the Chinese Dream

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