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Guinness War

Gongmao (工贸大厦), the state-owned department store in the city centre recently re-opened its basement “boutique supermarket” after an extensive makeover. It still sells the same overpriced stuff as before. It is however good on breakfast cereals and there is the occasional surprise.


Their import beer selection is worth a look, but they are in extreme danger of re-starting a war. Their canned Guinness is price-labelled as being from the UK and features a UK Union Flag.

Ireland left the UK in 1922 after a long and deadly struggle and finally gained full independence from the UK, becoming the Republic of Ireland in 1949, the same year Mao declared the People’s Republic of China.

Guinness is from Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland which is not part of the UK! Interestingly the can label says clearly that it is from Ireland, both in English and in the Chinese translation (爱尔兰).

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3 Responses to “Guinness War”

  1. David Says:

    Brewed in Dublin canned in England maybe ?
    Isn’t that the ‘Grand Hotel’ ? Forgotten it’s proper name

  2. Liuzhou Laowai Says:

    No. It’s brewed and canned in Dublin, then exported directly to China, never troubling the UK.

    The building is 工贸大厦 (gōng mào dà shà). The hotel (柳州宾馆 liǔ zhōu bīn guǎn) occupies the rear (from that point of view) and upper floors of the ‘gong mao’ building. The rest is the department store. It is state owned.

    It does use the English name “Liuzhou Grand” despite being less grand than many hotels, including the “Liuzhou Hotel”. The overpriced, revolving restaurant at the top never had good food, but did offer a good view, now wiped out by taller buildings surrounding it.

  3. David Says:

    aaahhh yes I can visualise the ‘front’ now . I liked the hotel a lot for its convenient position and that view of the river when it had it , and I was happy to use the restaurant for the same reason . Shame
    Yes of course now I recall Park Royal being closed . Just noticed that the black stuff is Brewed in St James Gate but canned in Belfast , so the uk is ‘troubled’ by it ! Possibly not for much longer , but for godsake don’t mention the ‘b’ word . I consider LL to be a ‘b’ free area !

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