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Escalating Failures

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m mentioning it again because it’s getting worse.

If I counted correctly, the underground shopping mall full of cheap crap under Longcheng road in the city centre has 13 escalators. For weeks now, the majority don’t work. They claim they are broken, but I don’t believe them.

At present only 5 are functioning. 38%. Which means 62% are out of action.

If they were genuinely out of order, there would be people working on them. There isn’t. I have long been convinced that they just shut them off to save money.

That may be the management company’s right, but when the mall was built, pedestrian crossing of the Longcheng and Wuyi roads at ground level was blocked.  The only way now is by going underground.

Obviously, with most escalators disfunctional, this is a great inconvenience, particularly to those with any kind of mobility issues, parents with babies, etc

Get the finger out.

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One Response to “Escalating Failures”

  1. John Martin PERRY Says:

    I know about 10 years ago, when I came down an escalator (working!), when I stepped onto the ground grille at the bottom, it collapsed.

    I don’t understand why Chinese escalators are so bad – either the escalator is too short, so it needs walking up the first step or two, or it’s too long, needed extra walking at the top to come back to the surface outside. Or even both!

    And why there are so few. Worst in railway stations, which sometimes have an escalator for helping carried heavy luggage (often in stations) but only for one direction, eg up but not down.

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