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Man the Barricades!

As usual, I have no idea what’s going on.

A few weeks back, Liuzhou museum, my favourite shortcut, decided to impede my progress from the back door to the font by installing airport style security measures. You have to empty your pockets and walk through one of those full body scanner things to enter, just in case you are some lunatic determined to hijack a museum and demand it be flown to Cuba! They haven’t yet asked that you remove your shoes, but some idiot in management soon will.

I can only assume they know something we don’t or they saw body scanners on Taobao and thought they needed new toys.

At the same time, some of the “military managed areas” around town have been installing what I can only describe as anti-tank defences. No doubt in anticipation of the post-museum fevered hordes deciding to take it all out on the “people’s” army.

It’s probably a communist plot.

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