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Long Live Chairman Mao! Long, Long Live!

Long Live Chairman Mao! Long, Long Live!

I am delighted to report that I was mistaken in my last post and Chairman Mao has been resurrected. The Hunan restaurant which I sadly reported as having vanished after decades, has in fact just moved to new premises more-or-less opposite its original site.

It is on the second floor of this building on Gongyuan Road (公园路) just east of where the road bisects the city centre predestrian street.

Shaoshan Welcomes You

I can’t confirm that it is still decorated with huge portraits of the chairman – it was closed when I passed early this morning. Nor can I confirm that it is the same menu.

I wish them luck in their new venue, but that place has seen many residents over the years including one establishment where the entire staff came out on strike and the owner did a runner never to be seen again!

Thanks to reader, ‘canrun’ for the tip-off.

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One Response to “Long Live Chairman Mao! Long, Long Live!”

  1. canrun Says:

    I’ll collect my 红烧肉 any time! 😉

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