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Password Pain

My internet connection has just been restored after 26 hours of down time. This was caused entirely by China Telecom, my provider.

At 8 am yesterday morning, while I was working on something very important, my internet died.  I was cut off. Several attempts to reconnect failed. I was being told the system did not recognise my user ID or password. The user ID and password have worked every day for years.

I guessed it must be some technical hitch at their end and went out to do other things, sure it would be OK when I got back. Wrong.

So I called them and was told they would send a technician ‘tomorrow morning’. Not very convenient, but OK.

Sure enough, someone arrived around 10, spent two minutes on my keyboard and his cellphone and I was back in internet land.

So what had gone wrong? Nothing really! China Telecom had inexplicably decided to change my password and not inform me. Brilliant customer service!

This is the second time they have done this to me. Last time was about 8 years ago, as I recall. Do they explain, apologise or refund those missing days’ service charges? Don’t be silly.

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