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7 Foreigners Arrested in Liuzhou

At least seven foreigners in Liuzhou have been arrested for breaking their visa conditions by working, teaching English in so-called “training schools” while in China on student visas. They have been fined 10,000元 and their visa status is under review. This can mean deportation or, certainly, refusal to renew. It also means they ar e […]

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Cardiac Arrest

  At the heart of Liuzhou’s most modern general hospital, Liuzhou Peoples’ Hospital, is their computer network system which handles appointments, patients’ medical records, prescription dispensing etc. Most importantly, (from the socialism with Chinese characteristics point of view) was that patients could no longer pay before being attended to. No pay. No doctor. At 5:00 […]

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Not Waving, But Drowning

This evening, Guangxi Early Warning Centre, sent a text message to all cell phones in the area. It reads: 【广西预警中心】炎热暑假,未成年人溺水易发,请您监护好孩子。如您发现有小孩在危险水域游泳、戏水,请主动劝告制止,防止溺水事故发生。 Roughly translated it means In the hot summer vacation, minors are prone to be attracted to water. Please monitor your child. If you find that children are swimming in dangerous waters and or playing in […]

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Password Pain

My internet connection has just been restored after 26 hours of down time. This was caused entirely by China Telecom, my provider. At 8 am yesterday morning, while I was working on something very important, my internet died.  I was cut off. Several attempts to reconnect failed. I was being told the system did not […]

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