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Flags Up

Every four years,  I get the opportunity to mutter and mumble. But his year, I’m disappointed.

For years, during the FIFA World Cup, shops around town have been flying the flags of the various nations participating in the finals. They always got it wrong, flying the flag of the UK, rather than that of England.

Union Flag

Contrary to popular belief, the World Cup is not a competition between nations, but football associations. That is what FIFA means! Federation of International Football Associations. The four constituents parts of the United Kingdom each have their own football associations. This year the English Football Association is in the finals, not the others.

So, the correct flag is the England flag.

England Flag

This year they have deprived me of my muttering and mumbling by getting the flag choice correct! Wuxing Pedestrian street side offshoot* is displaying all the flags.

and right there is this

I won’t say there are no Union flags being mistakenly flown, but I haven’t see any. This is the first time I’ve seen the correct flags, though and this is my sixth time to be here during the event.

* Technically the offshoot is the only part called Wuxing Street (五星街). The main pedestrian street is 解放南路 or Liberation Road.

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