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The Price is Right?

I’ve muttered about this before, but it’s getting worse.  Here I give you but two examples from a local supermarket. It could have been from any Liuzhou supermarket.

Exhibit A

270 g of Granulated Chicken Bouillon at ¥21.30. Seems reasonable. ¥0.08 per gram.

Exhibit B

Right next to the above, on the same shelf, is this.

454g of the same Granulated Chicken Bouillon at ¥21.60. Even more reasonable. ¥0.05 per gram.


But this is overshadowed by this Qingdao beer.

On the beer shelves it is priced at ¥2.20 per 330ml can.

Exhibit C

Bargain! At that price, I’ll have a six-pack.

Hold on!

Right below the above are shrink-wrapped 6 packs at ¥16.80. Same beer. ¥2.80 a can.

Exhibit D

I split open a 6 pack, dump all six in my trolley and head for the checkouts, leaving the empty wrapper behind. En route,  I pass the area where they are displaying this week’s special offers. There, they have the self-same, identical beer at ¥2.90 a can!

Exhibit E

I point out all this nonsense to the check out person, who also happens to be a neighbour and she just shrugs.

My de-shrunk-wrapped beer costs me ¥2.20 a can.

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