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Mobile Madness

Yesterday at noon,  I noticed that my cell phone was no longer working as nature intended. I had no service. Attempting to call anyone resulted in a voice message telling me that my service had been suspended but gave no reason.

I headed to the China Mobile office where I was told I needed to re-register and this time give my passport details. I pointed out that I gave them my passport details three years ago and that they photographed my passport, and me, and me holding my passport.

“We don’t have that.”


I had to go home and get my passport and return*

They then went through the whole procedure again and finally my phone service was reactivated.

Utter waste of time.

They also told me that they had sent a message to tell me it was about to be suspended. I pointed out that I have added them to my blacklist because I was sick of the ten text messages and spam calls I received from them every other day.

*According to China law, we should carry our passports with us at all times. However, many years ago, the local police advised me not to, so  I never do in Liuzhou.

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