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Gaokao Games

Yesterday evening, across China, China Mobile sent this message to its subscribers.

Basically says that the 2018 dreaded Gaokao (高考) is being held today and tomorrow (June 7th and 8th). They are warning that, In order to curb cheating in this all important exam, exam centres are employing blocking systems which may have repercussions for non-high school kids..

They specifically say that call reception and internet access may be impaired, but that “normal service” will be resumed after the exams are over.

For those that don’t know, the gaokao is China’s all-important College/University Entrance Exam. It is cruel, pointless and ineffective, but potentially life changing. Cheating has been a huge problem over recent years, often with teachers and parents collusion.

Most education experts in China have been calling for its abolition for years, but nothing changes. Teachers often complain that they do not teach their subjects, but only teach students how to memorise enough to pass the exam. It stifles creative and original, independent thought, which may well be why it never changes. They don’t want free thinkers.

Yesterday Once More.

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