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Poisonous Building

A number of businesses in the new Di Wang building, Liuzhou’s tallest, on the north side of Liuzhou People’s Square and next to Bu Bu Gao shopping mall, have evacuated the building today after reports of formaldehyde fumes being blown through the air vents in the building. Some staff have have reported as having headaches […]

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Liuzhou Meet and Learn

I have recently become aware of this group which has been organised to allow Liuzhou ex-pats and locals to meet and share experience etc. Called “Liuzhou Meet and Learn” it organises weekly meetings on Saturday evenings. They have a new blog which describes their aims thus: For various reasons, they do not openly publish their […]

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Flags Up

Every four years,  I get the opportunity to mutter and mumble. But his year, I’m disappointed. For years, during the FIFA World Cup, shops around town have been flying the flags of the various nations participating in the finals. They always got it wrong, flying the flag of the UK, rather than that of England. […]

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Fake News

Twice in the last few days, I’ve been informed that people here have been told that I am about to leave Liuzhou and return permanently to England. The people spreading this rumour appear to be people I don’t even know and who certainly don’t know me. For the record it is total nonsense. I have […]

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The Price is Right?

I’ve muttered about this before, but it’s getting worse.  Here I give you but two examples from a local supermarket. It could have been from any Liuzhou supermarket. Exhibit A   270 g of Granulated Chicken Bouillon at ¥21.30. Seems reasonable. ¥0.08 per gram. Exhibit B Right next to the above, on the same shelf, […]

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Mobile Madness

Yesterday at noon,  I noticed that my cell phone was no longer working as nature intended. I had no service. Attempting to call anyone resulted in a voice message telling me that my service had been suspended but gave no reason. I headed to the China Mobile office where I was told I needed to […]

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Gaokao Games

Yesterday evening, across China, China Mobile sent this message to its subscribers. Basically says that the 2018 dreaded Gaokao (高考) is being held today and tomorrow (June 7th and 8th). They are warning that, In order to curb cheating in this all important exam, exam centres are employing blocking systems which may have repercussions for […]

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