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Clinton Beer

Guilin based brewery, Liquan, producers of the most available beer in Guangxi have issued a premium beer to mark 20 years since then President Bill Clinton made a very brief visit to the city. Spent around 5 minutes in Yangshuo.

Oddly, on the rear label, is this supposed quote from Clinton (in his hand-writing?) which makes no sense.

The Chinese makes sense. The English doesn’t. “Acting a good example?” Maybe Bill just spoke great Chinglish?

Anyway, you want to know about the beer. Tastes the same as all their beer does. Nothing special.

It comes in a 500ml bottle or  a 965ml bottle. Bizarrely BuBuGao is selling the 500ml for ¥6 and the 965ml for ¥13.50. Save money and get more by buying two small bottles instead. Duh!

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2 Responses to “Clinton Beer”

  1. John Perry Says:

    In Yangshuo in fact he went to Xinping where he saw the famous nine horses

  2. Robert Says:

    I bought a bottle of this beer yesterday and sat under a tree in our apartment complex and drank it much to the amusement of my neighbours. The flavour was okay and it was nice and cold and refreshing but what struck me as strange was that like most chinese beers it was just 2.7% alcohol while most beers around the world come out to around 4.5. Any ideas why you can buy a bottle of 62% baijiu for 20 rmb while the beer here leaves you feeling bloated and only slightly light headed ?

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