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Toiet Trouble

For as long as I’ve been in Liuzhou, and probably far longer, there has been a public convenience at the northern end of what is now the city centre pedestrian street. Years ago it was a notorious “cottage“, but it was demolished and rebuilt a few years back.

Over the last month or so, they have decided to remodel it again. Not sure why.

One problem the place had, like so many such places, was that the average visit for women took a lot longer than that for men. Whether the restyle is an attempt to address that, I don’t know.

It is still not open, but so far as I could see. the men’s area has been moved to the first (ground) floor and the women’s upstairs, the opposite of the last two versions.

Unfortunately, they have re-branded it a “TOIET” whatever that means.

They also announce that it is a third party toilet facility. I prefer not to use a third party when visiting, thank you.

Apologies for the shitty picture, but it was sunny and where else would you expect to find shit.

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